Game Is OFFICIALLY “Pay To Win” | Black Ops 4 (Multiplayer Gameplay)


Call Of Duty

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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Gameplay. There’s brand new Signature Weapons and one happens to be for the best gun… Coincidence!?
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50 Replies to “Game Is OFFICIALLY “Pay To Win” | Black Ops 4 (Multiplayer Gameplay)”

  1. Sam Schuldt says:

    Glad you clarified yourself lol, I was sharpening my pitchfork.

  2. hamish hydes says:

    Much better than fortnite, like if you agree

  3. Ashysss says:

    This is cosmetic, and doesn’t do anything to dmg, accuaracy, and shit like that. Its not pay to win. The fuk u talk about.

  4. XKZ_Raid says:

    Swaggersouls you play cod?

  5. This isn’t pay to win 😂 doesn’t give you any advantage or anyone else who doesn’t have the skin

  6. Dr Drop5hotz says:

    Cosmetics is not play to won but what do I know, stick to real content and not click bait.

  7. I want Die says:

    Treyarch insted of adding new guns pls add fish AI..

  8. the old COD is better

  9. efraim135 says:

    you prob already know this but ur clan tag is The swedish emergency number

  10. Howuf says:

    Clickbaited… 😞

  11. BROLY GUNNZ says:

    I feel like 0 incentive to buy camos…Gimme weapon variants <.<

  12. Y does he sound so much like swaggersouls?

  13. Luis Franco says:

    IF you are reading the comments before the video… just exit the video trust me

  14. “Gave a new weapon to the best gun in the game” what??????

  15. Mr M says:

    got clickbaited lol dw tho, no thumbs down

  16. a waste of time do not watch this video

  17. Oh i have Cock fights all the time… 😉

  18. Rubz says:

    man i just found your channel and i already love you (no homo intended Zehahahaha)!! where have you been all these years i been on you tube long enough.

  19. If you are not mentally obsessed with this game and one of those tri-heart sweats that does nothing but fantasize about playing this game they think this game is there woman they play at four or five hours a day every day non-stop and you have a scuf controller this game is not enjoyable for you there is no way to get better at the game. This is the worst attempt that Activision has ever made at making a casual Call of Duty this game should have been made for pros only since launch I still do not know the maps because there are so many sweats in the lobby it's ridiculous one thing for sure Call of Duty will never get another nickel for me I don't care if next year's game is the most amazing game in the last 20 years I'm not buying it

  20. You are a defecating moron pooping in your chair eating fruit.

  21. pro pro 1 says:

    $80 I'll just wait a year when it's $10

  22. Ryan YT 2J says:

    Isnt this map in World At War ?? 😅😅

  23. I can't say grenade properly because of you. 🙁

  24. ben england says:

    holy fuck this channel is cringe. This is verrrrrry old news too.

  25. What is the difference between call of duty black ops 4 and call of duty black ops 4 black out?

  26. Anarki says:

    For everyone complaining that it was clickbait. Pay to win was in quotes telling you that he wasn't being serious.

  27. xTriXKillerx says:

    Oh wow you can shred ur enemies by having some cool camo on ur weapon

    Fuck outta here

  28. Etson Pina says:

    its just a cosmetic, not pay to win….

  29. Was Kowloon the map that he’s referring to in B01?

  30. The map you were talking about was Kowloon.
    That was one of my top favorite BO1 maps

  31. You must be desperate for views to call a game pay2win for releasing camos/skins and a decent purchasable gun. By the way, a decent gun doesnt make the game pay2win. Absolute clickbait.

  32. emtmike21 says:

    i liked the vid but the title is a bit click baity

  33. Super Sam85 says:

    If you can jump while shooting the Maddox, you're gonna have a good time in this game. The jump shooting is such an advantage.

  34. when you love the channel, but he keeps droping them clickbaits all the time ahahahahahah

  35. mike afify says:

    You have a really cool voice

  36. Is it just me or does he sound like Markiplier

  37. Why can’t they just make modern warfare 4? Fuck.🤦🏾‍♂️

  38. Kyle Howes says:

    I guess I can put my pitchfork away until next years call of duty 🙁

  39. Jay Gonzalez says:

    What people don't know is when you look good you feel good, and when you feel good you do good, and when you do good you frag. So pay to win.

  40. bippity boppity boo your dick is now a shoe

  41. Cee Zee says:

    Mr beast knock off

  42. rxflxctions says:

    Ah yes the gun that we all got free and removed… with the pistol that everyone who preordered at GameStop received…

  43. dumbest video ever.

    just becasue you can buy skins, doesnt make it pay to win.

    you are clickbait

  44. HeroGerik says:

    The map name you're thinking of from BO1 is called "Kowloon". It has those zip lines and rooftops. Was a pretty unique map for the time.

  45. Not pay to win pay to win means specifically if you have to buy an item that gives you a big advantage buying this doesnt give you shit but 2 skins nothing more op about it

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