Gaming Performance On The Xiaomi Mi 9 (Fortnite 60 fps)



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The Mi 9 has flagship specs, flagship design, and flagship cameras. It has all of these amazing parts but how well can it play games? To test it, we show you a bit of 60fps Fortnite on the Xiaomi Mi 9. The Mi 9 is one of the few phones that actually supports 60fps Fortnite like the S10s, Mate 20 X, and Honor View 20.

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45 Replies to “Gaming Performance On The Xiaomi Mi 9 (Fortnite 60 fps)”

  1. Can u play with ps4 gamepad????

  2. Miki Fanta says:

    I have xiaomi mi 9t pro and i can't set 60 fps at all. Please help me

  3. draga tub says:

    Do not eat your nails

  4. Is this phone thermal throttling after 10-20 minutes of game play ? I own Mi 8 currently and I plan to upgrade to Mi 9 as Mi 8 has poor thermal solution and overheats really easily like after 5-10 minutes of game play you get a really significant throttling, dropping to like 35-40 FPS (from 60) and few more hiccups here and there. Does this phone handle long gaming sessions good ?

  5. Revolutions says:

    is ther a way to make the game full screen? to use the notch area also

  6. Reathrin says:

    What really fucking weird is that i have that shitty phone but i cant play fuckingggg fortnite!!!!!!!!

  7. How to turn on 60 fps on Pocophone f1?

  8. On this phone,after season 9 is It lag not in creativa but in solos Duos or squad?Please

  9. ميمو Ak says:


  10. i have the Xiaomi MI9 transparent edition (12 gb of ram) but in the game
    it doesnt give me the chance of 60 FPS, only shows me 20 and 30 FPS. I dont get it, i have the best edition. ¿Anybody nows why?.

  11. ThedArkQUEEn says:

    I dont know why it has fps monitoring, just drag on the top left

  12. جلال says:

    10 Seconds …………. 10 Seconds……

  13. Florian M says:

    Hi, you can't hide the black bar ?

  14. robot voice… stop reading the script…. talk natural for a change..

  15. this is fake why the black shark 2 snapdragon 855 will not go up to 60 fps

  16. I don't think Google will be happy with you guys using Product Sans typeface.

  17. Deiki-kun says:

    Why don't try Epic and 100% 3D resolution? :/

  18. incognito 82 says:

    Do a PUBG Mobile review mate, fortnite is for teeny boppers, thots and little sissy boys.

  19. Amy M says:

    That was awkward to watch

  20. Such incompetent developers…couldn't make fortnite that can run on most hardware..PUBG for most cases can run at 40/60fps in most midrange hardware like on sd630/636 and above without any issue..even though u need to unlock 60fps option via gfxtool. .fortnite on the other hand doesn't even run on midrange chip…Even on SD 820 Lags..on the other hand pubg runs at rock solid 30 fps on SD 820 on high settings and 60fps on low

  21. Why not any oneplus phone yet ?‍♂️?

  22. Ed G says:

    I can't stand asymmetric displays. Maybe someday they'll release something.

  23. Maan Brai says:

    Thanks for the awesome video

  24. Dude, you did good. Don't worry about all the haters.

  25. Also, a Moto Z2 Force phone

  26. An Amazon fire 10 tablet. Probably won't work

  27. Lee cardio says:

    use gamebench to check fps

  28. แรงชะจริงผมยังยังsdm820อยุ่เลย

  29. Trump pressurised Epic Games not make it 60 FPS in Mi 9 as the Xiaomi is Chinese company and Trump hates China because he is scared of Xi's power ?

  30. Pravin Patil says:

    How long can it sustain those frame rates?

  31. Baphomet says:

    Clicks on video
    Sees the same guy from the previous video
    Closes YouTube

  32. techy kavin says:

    Dude don't be nervous….just chill

  33. Kayaan says:

    My device can do 60 fps but they don't fucking allow it

    It's a OnePlus 6t McLaren edition. I don't play this game on mobile anyways too clumsy for me even with 4 fingers ?

  34. 6.30 min video 2 min gameplay

  35. Will we get 60fps on sd845?

  36. Shyla Sree says:

    Xiaomi will give surprise to his USERS this is the style of xiaomi

  37. abhi agarwal says:

    I dont have hopes but i thought to ask if anyone has a solution, i installed fortnite On my Poco Fone f1 and before that i had USB debugging enabled, but i did turn developer options and usb debugging off, maybe its a fortnite bug, but every time i jump into a lobby and then onto the bus, the moment i jump it says "disable usb debugging" even after it is disabled, and the fortnite team is not at all helping and i dont want to reset my phone just to play fortnite so i was looking for another way or any solution which doesnt involve resetting my phone!

  38. Imran Nazir says:

    Great. But I prefer PUBG mobile.

  39. Okay, great review on fortnite on the xiaomi. How do I get fortnite on my phone in America?

  40. DodoGTA GT says:

    But any Snapdragon 845 device can run Fortnite at 60 FPS as long as thermal throttling is minimal

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