Good way to edit peek – Fortnite Tips and Tricks



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21 Replies to “Good way to edit peek – Fortnite Tips and Tricks”

  1. Martoz says:

    if you want tp support me, you can use code ''martoz'' in the item shop, it helps more than you think <3

  2. Jan Beton says:

    Hey Martoz are you dutch?

  3. Drx says:

    What rez you playing

  4. I used to always use red knight until it was brought in the shop like 16 times

  5. Paul Cruz says:

    With 120 ping impossible

  6. n3rvous_ says:

    martoz ur straight goated ive been watching since u had FNBR tricks or clips i think lol anyways awesome to see u come this far keep up the good works

  7. Baddo Gaming says:

    Why are u ssooo under rated

  8. Thanks for the tip bro. Keep up the good work.

  9. Etui says:

    0:39 fool me once shame on you full me twice shame on me

  10. Savage Panda says:

    How do you have 0 ping?

  11. Matthew Owen says:

    Are you still in faze?

  12. Hey, Marthoz! What do you think that the extended resolution will be returned to the fortnite?

  13. Johngoldone says:

    Are you really in faze

  14. LsPoOKy says:

    Eindelijk een Nederlander die bijna de beste is van de wereld

  15. teekidd says:

    martoz i. gotta trick that i dont see anybody use.. when taking somebodies box instead of trying to take there wall place a stair as fast as u can in it goes in everytime most of the time it makes them leave there box and u can get hits on them while there moving boxes or u can block the sides

  16. The Devil says:

    Do u stream on twitch?

  17. Diontjuhe says:

    Are you dutch???

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