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50 Replies to “HACKER GETS 87 KILLS LIVE ANOTHER HACKER GETS 48 KILLS LIVE!!!!! – Fortnite highlights #233”

  1. Reyes0123 says:

    4:49 an ad jus popped up

  2. Paul TV says:

    Saw people with
    1. Aimbot
    2. Aimbot + ESP
    3. Players who take no damage

    But this is totally a new lvl. He‘s not like those guys who buy cheats for money this actually a real hack wow ?

  3. I don't even know what to say but that report description is just hilarious

  4. It’s a glitch it happened to me

  5. Fucking i m watching zomato adds from last 4 days ! its annoying

  6. 0:15 When Thanos snaps his fingers

  7. How come dark never show his face when he plays

  8. Lumin says:

    It's a glitch that only happen to mac users when they use a shopping cart, their screen goes blue and a chest earrape noise starts playing. If you don't return to lobby you end up winning the game

  9. lol its a glitch happended to me in the squad

  10. Whys King Richards name different?

  11. I was gunna say where can I purchase these hacks! Turns out it was a glitch :/

  12. Bruh it says killed by a vechile

  13. DMNO says:

    Change title its so fucking off

  14. Richard is extra salty

  15. CallMeSunnix says:

    Is not hack, is a bug

  16. Ismail Plays says:

    That is why I hate playing on pc

  17. Yung kidd says:

    2:21 cant beleive they have eliminated with a vehicle as a kill possibe cars in fortnite battle royal
    Ali A music starts playing you heard it right ladys and gentlman

  18. Finally something thats not clickbait

  19. Jacobh801 says:

    I was killed by the same guy

  20. This is what fortnite has turned into

  21. Its a glitch with the new carts cuz it says killed by a vichel

  22. it’s a glitch that happens on mac

  23. Boss Boss says:

    He killed me yesterday player 385

  24. 7:15 just something about this kid fucking pisses me off lol.

  25. oh yeah yeah says:

    When he died 50 others did

  26. TalSaid says:

    Hes not hacking just a really good gaming chair

  27. Jay 145 says:

    Hackers are back ??‍♂️

  28. giga boo says:

    Tim talking to that kid is to funny

  29. kriSZ HUNツ says:

    I want to win the giveaway

  30. Mango says:

    Not hacking idiot

  31. Ipawnyou says:

    Those clips are not of hackers it’s a glitch that happens when you go under the map from a shopping cart

  32. MFYT says:

    Killed with a vehicle ? How is that's possible ?

  33. Scorpio says:

    1:11 second line,
    Can someone explain this ?

  34. Magicalzz says:

    it's a mac player who is innocent. Just a mac glitch that causes whenever you enter a cart your screen goes blue and you kill everyone and win

  35. Craig says:

    9:40 who else kept an eye on the default?

  36. Almighty Dom says:

    The beginning tho ???

  37. 1:48 look at his sponsor why is it Overwatch merch?

  38. Yu3ri says:

    Its not a hack. Its a bug that happens when players on mac touch shopping carts. Its been fixed though.

  39. Geometrican says:

    It may also be some kinda glitch because it always happens at the same place, idk how or why

  40. 87 kills seem like the new ninja

  41. 4:04 how didnt they die when they jump down i get fall damage

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