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Call Of Duty

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In the spirit of our recent Black Ops 2 videos, here’s a hide and seek on DOWNHILL. I have fond memories of deaths by the carriages running on the line. If you like the escape from BO3 only hide and seeks, drop a like and I’ll dive further into the class CODs!

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29 Replies to “Hide and Seek #157 on DOWNHILL (Call of Duty Black Ops 2 DLC Map) | Swiftor”

  1. TCJC 22 says:

    I watched your video 3 times

  2. What teams are there on that map if you don't know what I mean I mean like on hijacked there is seals and mercs what is it on this map?

  3. I watch your videos all the time on hide and seek

  4. vanossgames says:

    who saw the guy near the rock at 8:08

  5. Kevin Gibson says:

    I love your hide n seek vids

  6. under your channel but I think it's really good to go 6 my name is Xander I'm sorry about the ex but it's Ginger is there any all spell my name after shows Max but the show you really really like him the good I wouldn't I would really ask you if one day when you get a nap if you can come on your next video please give me a call when you get this but I was wondering if maybe when you get enough money if you can come down to see it Lobelville for straight down more decorations with the most along with a big yard not only White House look to your left I was hoping but all I gotta say is if you can give me some good videos

  7. Nooooooo I was going 4 markus

  8. Blvvry Beats says:

    8:08-8-14 you walked right past someone in prone

  9. Yay I chose monster at the start and he won! My 1st tine to get it right

  10. Mary Irvine says:

    I pick Kray and he dies

  11. Monster is going to win because he is good GO MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Rolando Mota says:

    it is metro on black ops 3 swift

  13. Mr. Bleach says:

    Wait is unknown marcus marcusfleming

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