Hitman│Master Sniper Challenge Pack│All Challenges



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I’ve made 2 PC contracts to help with the challenges:
Master Sniper Challenge – Out of Sight

Master Sniper Challenge – Sharp Shooter

Both of these contracts help towards the Over Scoped challenge too.
This vid also covers the Aim To Please challenge.

8 Replies to “Hitman│Master Sniper Challenge Pack│All Challenges”

  1. Great help, thanks!!

  2. where do i get the sniper

  3. and i idiot tried to do that in a custom contract… just sad that im too bad for it lmao

  4. ZepsiPepsi says:

    Really helped me out. Thanks man. ?

  5. Legend. Thanks a bunch

  6. Wrp Beater says:

    The contract you made for Out of Sight can be used for Sharp Shooter and I Aim to Please as well!

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