HITMAN 2 | Bank Mission | Silent Assassin Story Walkthrough



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HITMAN 2 | Bank Mission | Silent Assassin Story Walkthrough

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27 Replies to “HITMAN 2 | Bank Mission | Silent Assassin Story Walkthrough”

  1. Where is Miami Race Car mission to kill Female Driver? And my most favourite mission of all time

  2. Ruby Red gone play my boi like that!?

  3. "Silent Assassin Story Walkthrough"
    sees sawed-off shotty in thumbnail
    Press X to doubt

  4. Madmen 2000 says:

    Nice video Strain.

  5. theSonJohn says:

    CSO1 is back to Basix!

  6. Ara Nurinsa says:

    Finallyyyyy 47 is back!!! Welcome back centerstrain01🥳

  7. ๖Rainforce says:

    Just watched your full walkthrough of Chaos Theory coop, it's just amazing and it brings back good memories.

    Btw., an online gamemode of Modern Warfare should be teased today according to Activision.

  8. are you playing on pc or console?

  9. Mark C says:

    Hey Strain, do you not do commentary on youtube videos anymore? Seems like the last few I've watched you haven't done it. I don't use Facebook as 1 the streams don't run well on my computer and 2 I usually use my smart TV for YT. Anyways glad you still provide content for us over here man!

  10. Какой бред.

  11. wesler218 says:

    Chaos theory bank still the best bank mission ever

  12. Been waiting for an upload. Still back and better than ever

  13. Reminds me with Palisade Bank from Deus Ex.

  14. Apoorv Singh says:

    such clean gameplay with finesse. always felt that rage and aggresion watching ur videos. love it.

  15. kuke799 says:

    Audio sounds fine tbh

  16. JJPHILLYLG says:

    I love this game but seriously these guards can’t hear shit.

  17. its nice but I miss your commentary

  18. dandini0698 says:

    Such a disappointing level design. You would not be moving around a bank this easily, instead of making it complicated thus feel like a true heist, they gave us a very simple level.

  19. Mike Warner says:

    How excited are you for the resort in Maldives aka Paradise??(next time on hitman 2)

  20. Hi strain can you do mgs 2 big boss runs and good luck for future videos 😀

  21. Zeros Way says:

    This is amazing nice job strain you always find a way keep it up

  22. Alright Centerstrain01 is back with #Hitman #Hitman2 content 👍🏻👍🏻 looking forward to more in the future. Keep up the great work Strain! I really enjoyed this sandbox location! It’s my new favorite. Seems like you’ve missed so much! I miss you uploading Elusive Targets too!

  23. are you doing silent stealth videos again strain? fucking finally pours a glass of wine

  24. Deacon Ittai says:

    I like hitman playthroughs where the player doesn't shoot a camera and also takes the evidence and hides a body if its a requirement to get a disguise. Classic hitman, clean cut in and out.

  25. Minchken says:

    Mic sounds fine to me, maybe a tigit distant sounding, a litttttle bit. Love you Centerstrain0. Your vids have been life savers.

  26. Hey centerstrain01 can you try to play The devil May cry HD collection please and thank you and have a good day 😁

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