HITMAN 2 | Haven Island | SA/SO | Briefcase Luring Technique



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Haven SA/SO | Electrocution Accident, Falling Objective Accident, Explosion Accident (Jetski)
This video shows how the briefcase can be used as unique luring technique. Briefcases have a hugher attraction radius than other attention items like coins, phone. By placing or throwing the briefcase in the targets viewcone, the target will always go to pick up the briefcase where it landed.

7 Replies to “HITMAN 2 | Haven Island | SA/SO | Briefcase Luring Technique”

  1. KING K says:

    That set up was crazy. What an amazing run to watch.

  2. MulletPride says:

    Very unique strat. GG Chaos.

  3. Incredible! Excellent job,Chaos! Such a clever way of doing it!

  4. H-How?! This is goddamn incredible, love the style and the way you did it! Perhaps the best SA/SO video I'll ever see in HITMAN 2. Love the effort!

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