HITMAN 2 – Miami Race Stoppage (SA/SO) Without Eliminating Sierra!



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Hitman 2 , This is a full fledged guide and the proper method how to stop the race in 47’s Suit without killing Sierra with Sniper Rifle or using the Race Marshall disguise.
Authentic way to kill Sierra in melee just how we want. No waiting around anymore.

Discovery: Roy-ARJ

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27 Replies to “HITMAN 2 – Miami Race Stoppage (SA/SO) Without Eliminating Sierra!”

  1. Ozzymitsu says:

    Loved this run – good stuff! I also think the watermark should stay so people don’t steal your videos! ??

  2. Mohd says:

    what with half screen logo?

  3. Your the best hitman 2 person I've ever seen-kills targets 40 seconds.me-kills target in four days.you-silent assasination suit only 5 mins. Me-90847747565656655657757576868687574656575 light years. Your the best and I enjoy your vids. And btw happy for your new setup!

  4. I think that u should smll ur Logo… Made the gameplay a little bit boring…. It it animation like previous at ur top

  5. Love your work, but the watermark is needlessly large. Pretty sure you killed Ms. Knox.

  6. Sarab Virdi says:

    kindly remove that logo

  7. RageRoyaletv says:

    Effortlessly dope I learn something new,I never would have figured you can stop the race the way you did

  8. Calvin Thao says:

    Yo! There’s some crap on the left side of the screen.

  9. iareaaron says:

    I understand why you have your watermark in your video, however, it is really big and distracting from the video.

  10. WAW WAW says:

    WOW!..☺ Nice..??And thank you..??

  11. aloneroneify says:

    Theres a dirt on the left side of your video. Wipe it out!

  12. Whyy Tee says:

    Great as always ? ❤️ ?notifications turned on my man

  13. You study this game <3

  14. lost gamer says:

    Strategie NICE ?????

  15. FaZe Reace says:

    GOOD video gaming gold

  16. Fabio Stuber says:

    The watermark is kinda big^^

  17. JJ R says:

    I misread the title. I thought to myself “How the heck is Gaming Gold going to pass this mission without eliminating one of the targets?!” Then, I read the description. Probably should’ve done that first.

  18. - vince - says:

    Great run 🙂
    May i ask how you got Diana to announce the targets again?

  19. Roy ARJ says:

    This is how real Agent 47 operates ?, flawless job for the ICA, great job brother ✌️✌️❤️ #GamingGOLD

  20. Wherever 47 goes, he is death to everyone.

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