HITMAN 2 – MIK Challenge #3 in Hokkaido (My Preferate) Silent Assassin Suit Only



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HITMAN 2 MIK Challenge #3 Contract in Hokkaido, my preferate location, guide for Silent Assassin Suit Only rating.

Classified Mission:
Multiple Illegal Item kills, No Knockouts Challenge

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Credit to Roy-ARJ for this Beautiful contract.
Contract ID:…

18 Replies to “HITMAN 2 – MIK Challenge #3 in Hokkaido (My Preferate) Silent Assassin Suit Only”

  1. Why its your favourite ??

  2. HerrP AusR says:

    3:35 I would have shit in my pants using this sneaky sneaky !!! 😉

  3. Is it just me or does 47 not look like 47 in this game

  4. LAA. .109 says:

    Do remember me im (اسامة عبدالله)I was supporting you 7 months ago

  5. Mohd says:


  6. Perfect video, as always bro… Best of the best. I have not words…

  7. mr. Katze 2 says:

    Are you a HUMAN?????????

  8. ImEttoreB says:

    Top as always ❤️??

  9. lost gamer says:

    My like again because you do the best possible

  10. This time I am a bit earlier, than last time. Also thanks again for your response on the last video.

  11. damn , that skill tho.

  12. JJ R says:

    (Sees 47 trigger the fire alarm) I guess this game isn’t challenging enough for you, if you feel the need to activate an alarm. Then again, this is the game where you can successfully hide by crouching next to a bush!

  13. Roy ARJ says:

    Scared the shit out of them ? yet escaped like the Master Assassin ?? #GamingGOLD

  14. What a way to start sat night ? off with a vid

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