Hitman 2 SA – The Death of Hannelore – PRO/SO/AZ/SA – Fiber Wire (Full Stealth!)



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Credits goes to Hitmaniak.

-Professional Difficulty
-Suit Only
-Target Only Killed With Fiber Wire
-5 Knockouts
-No Close Encounters
-No shots Fired
-No Alerts (No bodies found)
-Without Sliding and Map Glitch
-Full Stealth 100%
-Never Detected
-All Zeros
-Silent Assassin Rating

Weird, Strange and very tricky AI ! The AI changes behaviours/reactions every time. Also broken AI sometimes ! It is not reliable and untrusted ever so you cant know and tell how NPCs move, It is not had a specific…

3 Replies to “Hitman 2 SA – The Death of Hannelore – PRO/SO/AZ/SA – Fiber Wire (Full Stealth!)”

  1. Very well done, probably the only video on YouTube which shows this mission AZ/SO. I still don't understand why there was the guard in the sewers in the previous video, who ruined your rating. What program do you use to record your videos?

  2. says:

    Great, I already downloaded the video to keep as a souvenir, for me this is a relic, because is very hard see on youtube.

    Thank You MythSpirit 47, I enjoy your videos, I learn lot.

  3. sgg19847 says:

    Now you can have some rest. Next stop is hunter and hunded SO/AZ

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