Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. "The Graveyard Shift", mission 11.



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Pro, SA, suit only. Nobody was touched. 6:16

13 Replies to “Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. "The Graveyard Shift", mission 11.”

  1. honestly..it's hardest mission in malaysia arc

  2. Scorpio Rose says:

    lol, this mission take place in Petronas twin tower..

  3. thinreaper says:

    None of the stuff you do right in front of the guards noses works at all for me. I get busted every single time for doing a lot less, and I'm only on Normal difficulty.

  4. GRAPH says:

    He waited for all the guards to go to the left of the skybridge

  5. ((Ho0ch)) says:

    Shit! 3:00 that was sooo relevant to the whole game!!

  6. I heard the Windows 95/98 sound here.

  7. @thalidomide01 idk if you got your answer yet but I'll answer anyway its called stealth when you crouch you are less visible and can't be seen it says in the training on the first mission.

  8. Thalidomide says:

    wait what? how come the guard didnt see you at 1:21?

  9. andre69rock says:

    esse jogo é facíl pra quem entende ingles,eu passo as fazes matando quem eu vejo pela frente…

  10. poncho899 says:

    haha! Whaddaya doing there? 3:02

  11. killerinst85 says:

    I hate/love this mission. Guards can be pretty dangerous on close spaces, but you managed them very well.
    Amazing job.

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