Hitman 2 Stealth Kills (Haven Island)



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Mission 8 – Haven Island The Last Resort
Eliminate Tyson Williams, Steven Bradley and Ljudmila Vetrova
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Intel Core i7 6700 3.40 GHZ
16 gb DDR4
Gtx 1080

24 Replies to “Hitman 2 Stealth Kills (Haven Island)”

  1. Extra video on Hitman 2's new mission, I hope you like it guys!
    About the kill on jet ski credits, to the channel

    Notex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gvb4_QlDc6A

  2. Ah, you! It is so good to see your videos pop up on the wall when I log into youtube! Welcome back StealthGamerBR!

  3. John Ruffer says:

    Im fucking depressed Youtube didnt show me this soon enough

  4. Igor FromSRB says:

    The briefcase 1010 best kill ever! Please do more! oh and a sub from me!

  5. Mr.47: I’m the best assassin there is

    Briefcase: hold my white claw…

  6. VICE LAND says:

    YOUR A FREAKIN GENIUS MAN DID U KNOW THAT ?????????????????????

  7. wtf was in that briefcase

  8. Those briefcases can go through walls too

  9. Cohen177 says:

    the briefcase kill was art!

  10. Kompraaj C says:

    The jet ski guy should have seen the bloody briefcase following him after taking that sharp turn. WTF AI.

  11. I looked"smells like "for title

  12. clockner says:

    Can't even keep up with your uploads man, you're killing it. The scene with the suitcase was probably some of the most stupid shit i've seen in ~20 years of video gaming, absolutely fucking loved it xD.

  13. Pedro 愛 says:

    Found a dead body of your own boss into water

    Guard: *NoThInG SuSPiCiOuSs*

  14. I have never laughed harder than watching that briefcase chase him around! ???

  15. Alexplus20 says:

    Tactical briefcase with tracking device lmao.

  16. Bruh too funny damn suitcase was like a frisbee lmfao

  17. Deep Ghosts says:

    Olá amigo, espero que veja este comentário, conheci seu canal através do Sidão Gamer, achei incrível seu trabalho! +1 inscrito!

  18. fasial king says:

    LOL Wtf, bro you're the best hitmen out there

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