Hitman 2 – The Deceivers (Drowning Rats) – Silent Assassin



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This is the 9th Elusive Target in Hitman 2, and we are retuyrning to it a second time now. This time to drown these rats. Also known ans The Deceivers, for the first time ever, two targets. This is the combination of two legacy targets, The Guru and The Congressman for season one. This can help as a guide to kill and get Silent Assassin on The Deceivers.

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2 Replies to “Hitman 2 – The Deceivers (Drowning Rats) – Silent Assassin”

  1. Art Blade says:

    #2 you may delete this after you fixed the "Rat's" in the title (I am pretty sure it was supposed to read "Rats") 🙂

  2. Art Blade says:

    Nice research and entertaining vid 😀 You were lucky Troutt didn't puke into the basket right next to the door (he did that occasionally during my test runs)

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