Hitman 2016 – Part 2 – Work the Runway (Let’s Play / Walkthrough / Gameplay)



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37 Replies to “Hitman 2016 – Part 2 – Work the Runway (Let’s Play / Walkthrough / Gameplay)”

  1. MM L says:

    I came here for help cause I'm really bad at the game, I am now leaving because after watching you I see I am brilliant compared to you

  2. Evan Z says:

    I'm not trying to hate he's one of my favorite youtuber, but watching this is so infuriating. LoL

  3. you're so suck at this game dude. you need to play a lot of stealth games to really understand how you should sneak or act like a real agent instead of walking around like an idiot and doesn't even know what to do. you're making this game looks really not cool. you should improve yourself bro. make it sneaky and challenging. that will make it a lot more like a stealth games.

  4. Trevor you suck at these kind of games please get better

  5. Ben Willis says:

    Wow! I didn't know that you could load back to a certain point within the mission so everyone I've died I've had to start the whole mission again! FML

  6. This guy totally fucked this up

  7. Daishawn J says:

    I would pull the fire alarm and run in hide not come back

  8. Cryenogenic says:

    9:31 Generic White Girl 2016

  9. erikkun says:

    3:45 it's the English dub voice of Sasuke from Naruto

  10. Josh C says:

    Can I get likes for no resson

  11. put your weapon back in man

  12. You're the worst at strategy games.

  13. loloboy 328 says:

    Mr still yo girl is trey songz

  14. Miku Maple says:

    the best part of hitman is when poisoning some food and let the person past out :v

  15. AGENT47ist says:

    2:25…..47 has become a showoff i think…..did you get soft Mr.47?

  16. There are quite number of chances to take the guy out but you are just enjoying the story then doing what you are supposed to do. I am sorry, your walkthrough is bad.

  17. For some odd reason 47 was'nt dancing bt he was on the catwalk

  18. JAMMY DOGER says:

    This game is awsome!!!!

  19. Press up on the d pad to get rid of something that is equipped

  20. can u just… go to the mission!!!

  21. Krishna S says:

    your gameplay really sucks………… throwing a coin to kill target LOL

  22. Lv Lv says:

    lol you looked weird in the walk run

  23. U was suppose to kill Kruger after he had his phone out so when when u killed him u can use his phone and call Dalia! She would have told u get your make-up on walk the runway then come see her! That's the easy kill!!

  24. Calvin Li says:

    You are just too dumb for this game

  25. Can I get the ps4 copy

  26. You are shockingly stupid

  27. bruh its never a good idea to pull the fire alarm.

  28. Hong Nop Lin says:

    Cool you are good
    Keep up the good work

  29. Helmutt is so hot right now… – Mr.Mugatu

  30. Ryan Kahlie says:

    don't kill anybody. ANYBODY you don't need to

  31. Moneyxl00 says:

    damn ur pretty bad at this game Lol

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