Hitman Absolution : Bald ManPuncher



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Local pornographic actor goes on a off-script rampage during the story section of the movie. Also a bar fight.

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Notes : The Scarecrow thing is intentional as a feature of the disguise. Whenever you stand still within the cornfield you become pretty much invisible to nearby enemies.
The Balls of Fire level has a unique trait that you can “legally” punch and knock out anyone, as long as you don’t use guns. Even…

31 Replies to “Hitman Absolution : Bald ManPuncher”

  1. This looks better then the new hitman honestly lmfao

  2. gam ma says:

    that bar fight is what happens when you ban guns

  3. Godda Booty says:

    When you crowd kill everyone in the moshpit

  4. Dakar12 says:

    That bar brawl scene.

    Kingsman flashbacks.

  5. Devin Tariel says:

    Dear God Genesis and serial killers just go together

  6. Capabletsf says:

    Goes into a bar fight

  7. Nico2625 says:

    That wasn't very autistic

  8. Thomas Price says:

    You push the envelope of modern video games.

  9. Should’ve played Freebird in the bar

    Kingsman kind of thing…

  10. Enjoy the choice of Genesis' "I can't dance" as background music.

  11. RusDaddy says:

    As someone who beat everyone in the bar up i appreciate you having the will power to commit to it

  12. Dank Memes says:

    Wow he kicked some serious ass in this video

  13. Commando 723 says:

    When you get bored playing the second mission of Hitman blood Money

  14. Calum G says:

    My nose was whistling at the end

  15. peter says:

    So since when did agent 47 become the flash lol

  16. click says:

    It’s like that scene for Kingsmann where Galahad takes out everyone in the church when they start going crazy.
    Except instead of being a great scene from a great movie it’s just agent 47 proving how shitty this game is

  17. Fuck Boy says:

    Who else actually killed everyone in the bar

  18. Let the bodies hit the floor.

  19. HARO says:

    From using everything except the gun range to test guns to becoming the Night Stalker, Mr. 47 goes on an all-American tour and does pretty much everything…except completing a level with a positive score. When Serious Robotnik finally reaches a bar, he naturally presumes that to blend in, he will have to act American. So, naturally, he smashes a bottle on the first person he saw, thus starting a bar fight. Of course, wanting to be the champion, he proceeds to punch his way to fame. During the process, he chances multiple encounters with the 'Barra Espaciadora'. A cryptic message that roughly translates to 'Bar of Space', Bald Man uses it to defy physics as he gives a sheriff a surprise cardiovascular inspection and the man in front of him a good beating. His partner doesn't care to notice that Egg Head knocked him out because Jerry, that bastard, knew what was coming to him if he ever set his grimy little hands on Paul's raspberry powdered doughnuts ever again. But Mr. Uses-a-car-waxer-to-keep-his-head-shiny won't accept such capitalistic behavior in the workplace and gives Paul a lesson by beating him to a pulp. In celebration, he calls for a hooker. The rest is history.


  20. John wick in the bar holy damn

  21. Most underrated channel I’ve ever stumbled on

  22. rocco stoney says:

    You've earned a new subscriber

  23. Cloner Stive says:

    Why can you do this?? Also, does the crowd noise stop when they are all out?

  24. PapiPyro says:

    It was a massacre. Agent 47 went from man to man, knocking them out one by one. In the end, there weren't even enough hopsitals for all those bodies…

  25. Lotuscat:3 says:

    one punch man meme lost rite there man

  26. Kenny says:

    Who's here from his L.A Noire video?

  27. Are u going to be the next criken?

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