Hitman Absolution Challenge Guide: Terminus Hotel "Chameleon + Evidence"



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Now we finally get to the meat and bones of a Hitman, a real varied and possibly difficult mission, let’s start out easy though, Here is a guide for the challenge Chameleon and Evidence Collector- ENJOY!

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3 Replies to “Hitman Absolution Challenge Guide: Terminus Hotel "Chameleon + Evidence"”

  1. Emma Nash says:

    hmmm your guides are pointless why put a guide up if you skip where your location is, its as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike

  2. Jose says:

    The last piece of evidence shown in this video is the first piece of evidence that you get… can't you edit a video?

  3. Jabe546 says:

    Have you figured out how to do The Electrician yet?

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