Hitman: Absolution – Mission 12 Fight Night – Silent Walkthrough / Playthrough



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Hitman: Absolution – Fight Night
Hard Difficulty

18 Replies to “Hitman: Absolution – Mission 12 Fight Night – Silent Walkthrough / Playthrough”

  1. Ernest Byjos says:

    Subdue patriot and fight Sanchez in the ring with patriots disguise for maximum silent assassin score

  2. You can do it 2 ways even on pc

  3. Hometown says:

    What the fuck!? Silent Walktrough.

  4. Very Niceeeee!!! Good!

  5. When I kill the first guard I got minus points and you didn't?

  6. chickensalad says:

    Know how I beat this level? I got a high vantage point, threw a remote explosive in the crowd close to the ring, and blew up half the arena. That somehow triggered the lights to fall on Sanchez but the other guy died too. -53,000 points easily.

  7. Virchew says:

    I snuck up the that spot and threw a screwdriver in his skull while he was lifting the other wrestler. The crowd started running around and, after I got back to the audience floor, I walked straight out right in front of them.

  8. Was that, confusion I saw at the end??? So you are human!

  9. Yeah i found it surprisingly easy to throw it in people just screamed and no one noticed me. SA done.

  10. Bob Specter says:

    No xD but i just couldn't find a way to do it, so i just threw it in there stil got silent assassin :p

  11. Is that what the explosive was for? I picked it up and then couldn't figured out what it was used for. that seems kinda lame use for it though.

  12. level design on hitman absolution is so fucked up, that sometimes it hurts to play… previous parts way better.

  13. Bob Specter says:

    lol I just threw a remote explosive in the ring and blew it up xD

  14. Beating him straight on in the ring grants you SA rating. Plus, it's so awesome to beat his ass right after everybody in the crowd talks about how badly you're going to lose.

  15. 63vanjo says:

    you can kill sanchez by dropping the lights on top off him, the trick is to wait for sanchez to toss the patriot on the farthest side of the ring leaving sanchez in the middle and then immediately activating the switch..

  16. I changed into the wrestling outfit and beat him in the ring. my way was brtter.

  17. Paul K says:

    i hate it if you have to abuse things like throwing an object infront of the guards to get SA… this level has absolutely no other good way to solve.

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