Hitman Absolution mission 1(A personal contract)-Purist/Shadow/Evidence/No ko/Suit only



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This is my own walkthrough of the first mission of Hitman Absolution.
Target : Diana Burnwood
Rating : Shadow
Difficulty : Purist
Conditions of my walkthrough :
-Purist difficulty
-Not being spotted
-Best rank (Shadow here) possible
-Signature kill
-No pacification and non target casuality
-Suit only
-Evidence collected
Shadow is the best rank you can have on this mission because you don’t kill the target yourself (there is a cinematic for that).

24 Replies to “Hitman Absolution mission 1(A personal contract)-Purist/Shadow/Evidence/No ko/Suit only”

  1. Perfunctory says:

    Can be done faster.Why at 4:37 do you hide same at 8:36 you can stay up without hiding.

  2. Oh come on I have tried like a bazillion times the last part where you have to distract the four guards and every friggin' time the fourth guard will just move right next to the door where I have to go instead of following the other three guys. I have literally wasted 2 hours trying again and again, at least 50 times I have tried and every time he does that… What is the trick, I have done everything EXACTLY as in the video…

  3. I killed everyone in this game without getting noticed. Can I get a medal?

  4. doesn't work, guards keep Spotting me everytime i shoot the wall!

  5. Netral says:

    will you make walktrough for new hitman game 2016?

  6. Steelshark says:

    Everytime, I try your method, the last guard does not leave that area…Could you kindly help me clarify this? (at the end)

  7. you're fucking awesome. thanks.

  8. Mete Gözen says:

    OK! Thank you so much.

  9. Holy crap…. thanks so much ! I followed this step by step, and in fact it wasnt as hard as I thought! Subscribed!!

  10. crackface5 says:

    Unrealistic playthrough.  On to the next one. 

  11. koel700 says:

    1:331:46  ,,,i just got shell-shocked….what the fuck..that was STUPID…tell me there is another way to get though the greenhouse in a way it doesn't make the game ridiculous..because if thats the only way to do the suit only..then what were the devs smoking…..you were awesome btw 🙂

  12. RoboticsBay says:

    What a beast ! I learned ton of things watching that !

  13. p3ti096 says:


  14. warcloud500 says:

    brilliant, best walkthrough i have seen

  15. Darlon says:

    Was trying to do suit only on Purist, but couldnt get past the greenhouse.
    You're an inspiration!

  16. alex says:

    Holy hell … this was great

  17. Manny Arthur says:

    you make it look so easy… I admire you!!! Nice one

  18. Very well done mate, I shall attempt to incorporate this when I redo my video!

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