Hitman: Absolution Silent Assassin Guide – Mission 14 [Part 3]



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Mission 14: Attack of the Saints
How to eliminate the Radonic Sisters

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6 Replies to “Hitman: Absolution Silent Assassin Guide – Mission 14 [Part 3]”

  1. You Know Who says:

    That was actually a pretty aimless method. I have been playing this specific area for an hour trying to find out how to do it without blasting the gas station

  2. Where did you get the bomb from? I only have the silverballers and garrote.

  3. So satisfying when you get to blow that gas station up!

  4. benebrius says:

    … Always wanted to do that. Now my empty life is complete. Wait….. I got it backwards. DAMN YOU DYSLEXIA! DAMMMN YYYOUUUUUU!!!!!!!!

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