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IO Interactive presents “INTRODUCING: THE ULTIMATE ASSASSIN”, the stunning conclusion to the seven part INTRODUCING series. Do you have what it takes to walk in the shoes of Agent 47? Fearless, deadly and unstoppable – the Original Assassin is back!


Created entirely from original gameplay moments, INTRODUCING is dedicated to show the richness, depth and possibilities surrounding the living and breathing world of HITMAN: ABSOLUTION™ – powered by IO…

39 Replies to “Hitman Absolution [US] – Ultimate Assassin Trailer”

  1. Jr Diaz says:

    Nejehmlv Ccv
    Mm o

  2. iamburak says:

    2:12 That soundtrack.. Please tell me what is the name of this soundtrack

  3. GBTapi says:

    pau no seu cu =D

  4. Look at the ammunition counter at the bottom right corner of the screen. 25 over 999. That is madness.

  5. heyy look at the corrner 1:15 …. the score is -2560 😀

  6. iHaveContrl says:

    play the game yet? instinct is for non-pro guys…

  7. they definately fucked up the formula of absolution that im forced to use 'hide and seek' even if im using a disguise, seriously fuck the new devs… in absolution i feel like playing splinter cell or some fucked up dumbass game…
    back to the real beast games (BLOOD MONEY AND CONTRACTS)

  8. Keith Spivey says:

    Also you don't have to have instincts vision. I don't use it, you don't need it. It is simply to make it more accessible and lessen the difficulty for those who are unable to play it without the mode. I'm sure the instincts mode helped the game sell 2.7 million copies to date.

  9. gr8 video please make more of these kind 😉

  10. Goldman200 says:

    wow you really are retarded

  11. kirk krit says:

    press show comment to begin the bulshit adventure

  12. Dacbatex47 says:

    ok mr cool if the game is so lame and stupid why are u spending months raging and hating on it? and tell me the number of ppl who have acuatly stopped playing this game and started hating it like you because you influenced them with your comments? how old are you?

  13. Dacbatex47 says:

    hey buddy i been seeing your comments over almost all the hitman vids on youtube and im sure me and 90% of the ppl agree that we love this game. look up how many copies this game sold so far and the damn year aint even over. Me and 90% of other veterans of hitman think it has its moments when it acts weird but we all love it. you keep saying how much u dislike it but we dont care.if it was a dissaspointing experience i wont waste 3 months of my life bithcing about it on youtube. Get a life

  14. hawk0050984 says:

    Listen. weather or not they made it less realistic, more realistic, it is still a damn fucking good game, And hitman absolution is pretty realistic, i mean if the game was too realistic it would be way too hard people would not play it. People play games to escape from life.

  15. hawk0050984 says:

    If a game was more realistic it would not be fun, if you want to do something realistic just step outside then you can do everything that guy specified.

  16. hawk0050984 says:

    Whoa, there's no need for insults, it's just a game. weather or not they made it less realistic, more realistic, or even made it worse it is still a good game.

  17. 2:13 what is the name of the track

  18. i can't refute them? I believe i did. You think your opinion actually matters to people. I've determined you're just butthurt because they didn't just copy and paste the hitman formula to the new game, instead they tried to make something a little different and improve the gameplay and all you can do is bitch about it… and you call me tasteless. Grow up kid. It's a great game and there is nothing but your shitty biased opinion to back up your argument.

  19. Do you hear yourself talk? Just because you don't like them doesn't mean they are shitty games.just get over it. LULz it makes me laugh how arrogant/stubborn you are.

  20. I said MORE realistic… ti's still far from realistic and makes the game interesting. That you can't just get away with stealing a uniform and running around the level like an idiot (which i'm sure you're accustomed to). You must search very hard to find a reason like that to hate on this game. Maybe if you bitch hard enough they'll just make the same game over and over again. That's the only way to please you apparently.

  21. My point exactly… you think they could have paid someone and gotten a perfect score by your logic. 7 out of 10 isn't very good either. GameSpot gave it 4 out of 10 i see they paid them off very well. There was even an article on Yahoo.com about how much it sucked. Gamespot gave hitman a 7.5 when they had nothing but good things to say about it and they gave it a mediocre score. You = moron

  22. Paid reviews??? Perfect scores!!!?? That's just you finding an excuse to hate on a great game. If companies could just pay for good reviews why did RE6 get such shitty reviews??? Capcom has all kinds of money they could have done that? Hit man got great reviews because it's a great game. You're just a picky faggot gamer with a pinecone up his ass because he doesn't deal with change very well. Just because it changed a little doesn't make it crappy you moron. SMH… stupid people

  23. No need to start insulting like you're mad lulz. How is the disguise system broken??? They made it slightly more realistic! If you wear a disguise around the wrong people they will see through it. That's really the ONLY change i've seen with it. they made it a little more challenging OH NO! the mechanics are the best in the series! are you kidding me!! lol. They made this game SOOO much easier to control and interact with the environment. GOD FORBID THEY MAKE IT EASIER TO CONTROL. Dumbass

  24. ugh, why are gamers so fucking picky, you're so hard to please. The franchise went through a few changes. It's been six years since blood money came out, why would you just want a replica of the last 3 games?
    I like the instincts, it shows where the enemies are but doesn't give you the layout of the building at all, it encourages you to actually explore rather than rely on a map. And i beat the game and I never had to fight a 800 lbs racist stereo type. Maybe you're playing it wrong.

  25. … obviously you haven't actually played it. What do you want? just a carbon copy of the past three hitmans? of course they tried to change it a bit. But it still feels like a hitman game. It felt like it picked up right where blood money left off. It isn't destroying anything.

  26. Destroyed the franchise by transforming it into a Splinter Cell Conviction with disguises and crappy story.

  27. try playing it before you talk trash. It is actually pretty awesome.

  28. How the hell did this game destroy the franchise??? It was pretty damn good.

  29. Marguns21 says:

    is this game worth buying? i have heard that it wasnt that good. should i just buy blood money instead? these are question i would like to have answered from ture Hitman fans out there. thanks for reading. now continue with whatever you are doing right now. thanks

  30. Eric Tyler says:

    If you buy the game and play it str8 on purist mode you complain you can't find your targets without the vision.. You fucking idiots like old Hitman Games press start and study the actual Contract you came to do and study your target.. Fucking clown shoes

  31. Eric Tyler says:

    You stupid fucks if you actually have the game you would know on purist mode you have absolutely none of that shit and it's hard as fuck!!

  32. its a video game… game its not supposed to be realistic its also not supposed to be splinter cell but ur too ignorrant so im just goin to stop arguin with u

  33. whats your problem with instinct, its instinct not super powers

  34. muffinmonk says:

    You can disable looking through walls, hints, highlighted objects, etc without having to play on the highest difficulty. You do need instinct though if you want to blend in.

  35. Thank You for destroying the franchise! <3

  36. frdrck moyz says:

    To all the whiners who whine about the game being like splinter cell, and whining on the "dark vision"; please, you have a CHOICE to not use the abilities. Play it on one of the professional modes without it.

  37. frdrck moyz says:

    Lol just because they added that point & shoot makes it splinter cell? The game has choice. Don't use it if u hate it that much.

  38. Exactly I regret spending money on this game, the fun for me at least is gone.

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