Hitman Absolution Walkthrough / Challenge Guide: "Two Rights Make a Right"



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Vito Gesualdi, the Walkthrough King, is taking gamers through the world of Hitman Absolution, showing off how to complete every kill challenge, find every costume for those Chameleon challenges, find every gun, and help Agent 47 take out his target.

Hitman Absolution Challenge Guide (Hunter & Hunted Chapter) | “Two Rights Make a Right”

7 Replies to “Hitman Absolution Walkthrough / Challenge Guide: "Two Rights Make a Right"”

  1. You can shot him and make him fall if you satys in the generator alley

  2. Zevik says:

    Liked. Thank you for the upload.

  3. One question, witch device you use to capture the image from the ps3 to the computer. I really need to buy one of that. Thank you in advanced.

  4. GabMedX says:

    Yes, the challenge only pops in when you complete the mission and they guy lives. And yes, it's… pretty… Well, it's a bitch if you don't know that.

  5. I've saved this guy multiple ways and not getting it, garroted, pushed, sword, nothing for me, does it kick in later?

  6. CroMartyr95 says:

    i do the exact same thing and the challange doesnt get completed…

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