Hitman Absolution Walkthrough – Part 1 – A Personal Contract



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48 Replies to “Hitman Absolution Walkthrough – Part 1 – A Personal Contract”

  1. Bro I remember when this came out, I love ya Keaton, been loyal since you were pullin people over in lcpdfr, I miss the intro

  2. Watching this in 2019

  3. Who watching in 2019

  4. Bibidibop says:

    Watching this in 2018

  5. jeff brady says:

    Hey speirs big fan. Im a dodge lover as well my 1st car was a dodge dynasty then i got a 91 ram then a 2001 dakota.

  6. xBeastLyke says:

    im watchin in 2018

  7. YouTube wanna tell me why you notified me about this 5 years later?

  8. ひBlackひ says:

    Do videos on this game but not walkthru some thing like a stream or something. You can make funny jokes with this game lol

  9. Golden Shard says:

    i remember watching this in 2012 every video on this game

  10. sam saville says:

    Watching this in 2017 😝

  11. I miss the good ok days with the old intro

  12. I'm watching this in 2016

  13. as u say that what she said

  14. What is that song that he used for his intro?

  15. sarib baig says:

    i am watching this vid in 2014

  16. King K.C says:

    This is almost like splinter cell 😀

  17. Gabe Burgos says:

    Im watching on the year 2014.. hows the past?lol!

  18. That's What She Said

  19. LilD Holmes says:

    Nice game is awesome

  20. Daniel Ramos says:

    Your voice is completely different

  21. Jacob Le says:

    Poison his coffin

  22. Amir Zonoobi says:

    Speirs your vocei has changed

  23. I think he is better than skythekidrs

  24. well it still worked out

  25. He's better than sky

  26. speirs u are awesome you are the best youtuber EVER besides skydoseminecraft

  27. Ive beat this game on purist fucking best game ever

  28. Isaac Sadler says:

    amazing!! keep playing!

  29. Albino Llama says:

    you were supposed to put a posion and he was to go to the bathroom and kill him there

  30. spiers…. im afro man.

  31. Keatin you are fuck AWSOME

  32. Alana Gordon says:

    there looked there was enough room for 3

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