Hitman | Bangkok (FULL MISSION)



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Hitman Bangkok! We’re back with Agent 47 and this time our target is a cheeky little rock star!
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26 Replies to “Hitman | Bangkok (FULL MISSION)”


    Cuts a lot of video out

  2. In my version there's another guy in the secluded area… He isn't alone. So much for that 😛

  3. Unhumanized says:

    Im a assassin im gunna kill you

  4. The ICA needs to have a mission dedicated to the flat earth society where you kill the leader of the society and disband the society

  5. If you dont bang my co** ill bang your face

  6. Bree jordan says:

    I really hope you do hit man 2! Great videos

  7. the age when rockstars die…

  8. Panuwat .J says:

    This is Bangkok in the earth-2 hahaha

  9. stuff339 says:

    It's quite funny in the other mission you said then guy looks like Lucio from overwatch and you don't like him. Because Jordon cross in this mission is voiced by the same guy that voices Lucio.

  10. Coconut guy says:

    The river, it's too clean impossible

  11. Agent 47 says:

    18:54 47 lookin constipated

  12. The olden days in bangkok

  13. Kenta Wong94 says:

    i think the new hitman levels are breathtaking, i mean look at that scenary!

  14. great joke about brexit then

  15. ULSTICK says:

    "No Hair No Fear"

  16. Brian Nguyen says:

    Bangkok, home of many things. Very good noodles Eh? Good white tuna soup. Negetative times amrite!

  17. B Easy says:

    eh dunmy the light bulb tells you where to go!! your not to bright!!!


  19. 043hxc says:

    Why the hell do those asian people have that accent? :S

  20. Fat Troll says:

    47 is a good looking dude. I'm mirin the physique.

  21. I was thinking the same thing at the final scene: "why do people seat with their backs turned? It just makes them look more suspicious."
    But then I realised that maybe it's so they can cover each other's backs and be sure that nobody is eavesdropping behind them.

  22. Joseph says:

    Tip for everyone: try and get the two targets to meet each other

  23. Joseph says:

    This game is so much better than that piece of trash absolution

  24. Theo Imeson says:

    When Sjin's Liverpudlian accent is on point.

  25. XDking9 says:

    Is that a dildo on her bed?:"D

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