Hitman Blood Money: A Dance with the Devil Professional/Weapons Guide



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  1. Charizarzar says:

    What I did was bring my silver ballers along, then knocked out the first guard with them (there’s also a gun in a box nearby) and that left me more syringes to knock out both the chef and the staff member in the bathroom. (Remember to drop it by the first guard’s body and pick it up later) The female assassin is a bit less hostile when you’re in the staff costume, so you have more time to get out (don’t spend too long in that room with her else she’ll lock you in). I was having a hard time with throwing the knife so I just snuck behind with the fibre wire.

  2. Quink 666 says:

    first target never comes back into the bathroom….. making this guide farily useless to me.

  3. Ji says:

    Why do you need to get silent assassin on like 8 missions for? I got this mission. And 2 others without SA so

  4. Gray_Vz says:

    I stayed in the last objective's death. IT WAS AWESOME!!! LoL it was lethal.

  5. If anybody has problems with the toilet door, you can sneak in and close it before sedating / killing those two guys. Works a treat that way 😀

  6. this was a cool mission

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