Hitman Blood Money – Part 2 w/Daniel – NO SCOPES!



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I am doing a full playthrough of Hitman Blood Money in preparation for Hitman Absolution when that comes out later this year. I hope you enjoy 🙂

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35 Replies to “Hitman Blood Money – Part 2 w/Daniel – NO SCOPES!”

  1. why is there a barcoad on hs head. sorry i dont know how to spell barcoad

  2. at 8:40 how to you get the rifle box open i cant figure it out

  3. Poor guy he was taking a piss I would just cut his dick off and watch him cry

  4. Jamze Martaz says:

    omfg ;/ you need girlfriend dude….

  5. is that a cerial number on the back of that guys head or a tatoo

  6. N00Bsniip3r says:

    T_T i just wanted to be 1rst 2nd 3rd and 4rth why man it wasent spam it was a miricle

  7. DWN-Infinity says:

    You Bad at Shooting game
    don't you?

  8. A Donde says:

    yo dan do u think you are funny

  9. benjygar97 says:

    Haha:) Satan with the derp face 🙂

  10. I didn't even notice that. haha

  11. i love how in both vids your have the top comment

  12. I will never do facecam on a game unless it is a scary game. The only exception is during Live Streams.

  13. Will Brown says:

    idk if you knew but "snoop dog" had a desert eagle

  14. King Khan says:

    play with facecam dude

  15. MrSqurk says:

    You can get a game wrapper for mac as well.

  16. I've played it before. If I was to do any trials on my channel it would be Trials Evolution, but I don't have and Xbox so that's not happening.

  17. It's also for ps2 and xbox

  18. Why dont you play trials extreme!

  19. Cade says:

    7:11 BOOM HEADSHOT haha xD

  20. Yeah, I noticed that when I was editing the video. haha 🙂

  21. McDucky says:

    I killed him too XD

  22. McDucky says:

    I forgot that you could save at any time (too much gta), so whenever I died I had to restart :S

  23. Yus A says:


  24. 1. This is spamming.
    2. You failed anyways…. REALLY BAD!

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