Hitman – Hokkaido – Jeg Sauna Hende Ikke Assassination Challenge



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How to complete the Jeg Sauna Hende Ikke Assassination challenge on the Hokkaido level Situs Inversus in Hitman.

14 Replies to “Hitman – Hokkaido – Jeg Sauna Hende Ikke Assassination Challenge”

  1. Yuki isnt going in the sauna for me, all she keeps doing is checking for the yoga instructor

  2. Tekman 1992 says:

    I dragged a target that I knocked unconscious in Contracts Mode in the sauna and he died when I left him in there with the door closed. You take damage in the sauna if you close the door while its overheating.

  3. I was so busy trying to get the other guy that by the time I got to her she was just sitting alone in a room. I just snapped the neck and walked away normally

  4. Adam_271 says:

    really useful thank you

  5. Bayram Kitir says:

    Lol i get it well im danish so ofcours

  6. All that's missing is a key that leads to a nuke in a dentist's office.

  7. I remember this from a different hitman game too you could kill a target by locking him in the sauna

  8. It's gettin hot in here,so take off all your clothes

  9. CamTheKitty says:

    Cruel, even for 47 😀

  10. For those that don't get it

    Jeg sauna hende ikke = Jeg savner hende ikke = I don't miss her.

  11. Søren Helms says:

    Great name for a mission. Danish Easter egg 🙂

  12. The name of this challenge is alot more Cruel If you're Scandinavian!

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