Hitman Patient Zero The Author: 3 Ways to Play – GHOSTFACE PEN KILL



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The Author is the second mission of Hitman’s new Patient Zero campaign, and it returns us to a much spookier Sapienza to seize a deadly virus and eliminate an author and his cult contact. See how each of us goes about it in this Hitman gameplay and subscribe for more!

Unwilling to relinquish his clown costume, Mike is back in the greasepaint for an attempted explosive double kill, while Jane opts for a drowning made to look like an accident.

Always searching…

33 Replies to “Hitman Patient Zero The Author: 3 Ways to Play – GHOSTFACE PEN KILL”

  1. EvaGhoul says:

    Wow, so a clown just walks into a woman's bathroom while she's in there, scares the shit out of her and punches her in the face. That's a weird version of that scene from IT.

  2. You leave Mario alone Mike, he's got a hard life cleaning up plumbing failures and having his girlfriend kidnapped once every couple years. A cigarette is the least of his health problems with sentient mushrooms and aggressive turtles trying to do him in constantly.

  3. 27:50 was he playing Hitman absolution or what??

  4. If not for all the funny business leading up to the assassinations, and the two additional murders immediately afterwards, Mike would have landed a silent assassin with that propane double elimination maneuver.

  5. Mr Tuxedo says:

    Can Jane not just snap their necks?

  6. L Walker says:

    Lob it into the ocean … oh wait 😂

  7. deadzepplin says:

    aww, mike was so proud of his performance then so dejected at his score, give mike all the hitmans!!!

  8. A normal day for a NPC in Hitman: Was dumped by my girlfriend via text. Then was knocked out by a clown

  9. Ethan Torner says:

    Andy and Jane: well better get my suit and erase the tapes. Mike: gonna get on that speed boat in my clown outfit!

  10. Text-breakup guy has had a REALLY bad day.

  11. Kathy Aird says:

    It's been a year and honestly there's not enough people talking about Andy's evil laugh. He barely even tried and it was brilliant

  12. Took Mike halfway through the video before it all went badly wrong… that's got to be a record right??

  13. Sid Kelavkar says:

    Oxbox Fan: Hey Mike! Can you pick this lock for me?

    Mike: Shuriken!

  14. Jane, there was a crate

  15. Kara Zor-El says:

    Aww… The woman Mike the clown punches in the face at the 3.55 mark looks a bit like me 🙁

  16. Tina Tope says:

    Oh my gosh! Mike's reaction to his score was hilarious!!

  17. Cody Dewan says:

    26:09 Mike: "I really need to get rid of this guy, well not really but theres a wood chipper"
    Me: "Mike wait hes a non target"
    (Puts in wood chipper than dances in his raining blood)
    Mike: "bathing in the blood of my enemies"
    Me: "No Mike that was an innocent"…..

  18. Sam Bailey says:

    Watching this for the first time now. This episode really does show the vast difference between Mike and Andy in their Hitman skills. If I was hiring a Hitman it would for sure be Andy,

  19. 8:00 "well I know how Andy's gonna be doing this then"

  20. Gunman610 says:

    4:12 "This is my sweet 16 all over again!"

  21. "I don't look a gift opportunity in the horse mouth." – the wise Jane Douglas

  22. That dude was super unlucky during Jane's and Mike's runs. A dumpster was right there !!! smh. At least he doesn't have to live through the pain of break up via text…

  23. John Smith says:

    The contrast between their play styles is absolute hilarity

  24. Scream 5 starting Andy

  25. Ryan Lucio says:

    i do love how each player has no ability to compare themselves to other co-workers. it would change things. this way is all so much more satisfying and hilarious.

  26. Obelisk says:

    Jane: professional + scary
    Andy: dramatic + humorous
    Mike: fast + loud

  27. And you just caused someone’s worst nightmare. Saw a clown in the mirror of your apartment well alone

  28. xzas90 says:

    Hitman should add a feature if you vault over a wall and land on an enemy you knock them out

  29. Love these, wish all three of you guys briefly compared notes at the end though.

  30. Heckeon says:

    Andy: actually agent 47
    Jane: not quite there, but getting better
    Mike: i make bodies go boom 🙂

  31. hotscottrulz says:

    Ghostface Penkill is the name of my next D&D character, and also my new hacker name

  32. 17:44 "Oh no, the corpse box is full!" – quote I will definitely not take out of context, not at all, nope

  33. Mr Tuxedo says:

    Why did nobody push him off the edge?

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