HITMAN Speedrun – 15:17 (8:39 in-game time) [Main Missions/Silent Assassin]



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The rules for this run were:

– Just get SA or riot ୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨

Individual level times according to the in-game timer:

0:00 – The Showstopper, Paris (49s)
1:59 – World of Tomorrow, Sapienza (1m 19s)
4:35 – A Gilded Cage, Marrakesh (1m 58s)
7:46 – Club 27, Bangkok (1m 15s)
10:15 – Freedom Fighters, Colorado (2m 16s)
14:06 – Situs Inversus, Hokkaido (1m 02s)

Total in-game time: 8m 39s

I totally did not copy this descrption from Kotti.

Big thanks to Hatch for the thumbnail!


40 Replies to “HITMAN Speedrun – 15:17 (8:39 in-game time) [Main Missions/Silent Assassin]”

  1. DoctorJango says:

    Can you do a guide for this shit cause idk what the fuck is going on

  2. Do the loading screens count?

  3. Wizted says:

    Very clean run. Especially Colorado. Damn! I'm starting to run this game myself. It's a nice game for speedrunning imo

  4. Sale Volcano says:

    places thing
    throws thing
    clicks button

    Diana: Both targets are down, great work 47

  5. Well done forty se- I mean, looks at smudged writing on hand GuLe

  6. likson 28 says:

    Really congratulation

  7. Czesnek says:

    6:07 I thought the man was headless. That's some real camuflage here.

  8. Czesnek says:

    How do you detonate breaching charge almost instantly?

  9. AnthonyWabo says:

    Great job!

    This guy finished the game in the time it takes me to configure my game 😀

  10. I don't understand how he killed Viktor? When does Viktor ever go up or down the stairs where he placed the fire extinguisher?

  11. Johny Svk says:

    Still watching in 2018 huehuehue

  12. Do you plan on redoing this with modern strats? According to the speedrun.com IL leaderboards this could be over 3 minutes faster!
    Obviously you can't expect IL WR pace on a full game run but still, crazy how much improvement has been made.
    Regardless, you're pretty damn good at speedrunning this game.

  13. Dude you give CJ a run for his money. Thats no small accomplishment.

  14. Domi63 says:

    Holy shit man, crazy af

  15. TIM Kaiser says:

    I’m confused on how you got a crime noticed on the last one and still got SA

  16. TIM Kaiser says:

    What???? Impressive way to think outside the box

  17. @ 1:00, I’m trying to figure out wth just happened

  18. Dude, you are so perfect and coordinated.

  19. Space Cate says:

    and here I am with 108 hours on the game not even having silent assasin suit only on colorado marrakesh and bangkok

  20. skoda10 says:

    what is the logic behind that door opening device? it (kind of) explodes and the door opens?

  21. Dan Thomas says:

    Not really "silent assassin" though is it? BOOM

  22. That was fast AF 😀
    Subscribed and well done 😉

  23. 巨人小 says:

    8:17 Why did you throw the explosive compound to the camera? It didn't seem to destroy the camera.

  24. Zihan Chen says:

    Why "Crime Noticed" doesn't harm the score?

  25. I thought shooting someone didn't count for silent assassin if others saw the target die

  26. How does victor die he doesn't even walk past that fire extinguisher

  27. Nobody ever came close. You defined the art, and it defines you.

  28. Colin D says:

    dude I had no idea you could shoot the virus from outside

  29. i ordered pizza right now, and when this highly skilled walkthrough is over i can eat. very awesome dude! half of the game is loading screen lol

    keep it up

  30. Cmajor says:

    remember everyone. When you run out of ideas just add CAPITALS

  31. Palladium says:

    Yep, that was a a silent kill indeed at 15:05 🙂

  32. nejinaji says:


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