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  1. Jjdd was doing mad research finding material to steal lol

  2. Roc is thoro in battle rap not as a real leader type so it is what it is…

  3. xxTra ent. says:

    8 people 200 each lmao u profiting lmao sucka dick

  4. xxTra ent. says:

    I need that 8th spot i cant lose look me up shawn d3

  5. knowledge 88 says:

    I called it the angle is surf overshadowing roc. Like I said this might make roc and surf look at each other different

  6. Styxx Jones says:

    @battleraptrap you sound real bias against hollow and lux I know you got guntitles

  7. CR 1990 says:

    Hollow tryna stir the pot them boys brothers

  8. Goat Stature says:

    bullshit hitman and jjdd live 9 minutes from eachother

  9. I swea about the tay roc an surf shit surf jus be talking none stop lol he be like ayr roc member that time we did that an answer the shit before roc can lol

  10. Maybe lux dont get paid to promote.. Im sure his price may have decreased

  11. So you about to take clips and dna blueprint huh

  12. JM JP says:

    Tell John to upload the Burke Bucks vs Alias correctly 🤦🏾‍♂️ please 💯

  13. Rufus Will says:

    Roc really don’t make sense when he talk though

  14. P A 090589 says:

    Naah nigga Roc definitely on some beta male type shit, Roc older but be acting like the lil homie lool

  15. Eli Borders says:

    S/O to Henny, much love to a fellow 8/24 baby. #WeBackLit

  16. I really clicked on this shit thinkn John John had something to say lol reading is fundamental

  17. Menace Films says:

    Lux is in LA with Hollow. They posted mad pictures on IG. Lux never promotes before or after the battle.

  18. Tymer TV says:

    Roc be holding surf dick in his hand

  19. Baby k go to baby k vs issues on youtube

  20. Hitman settin up an alley. Dont fall for that shit, goodz and clips did that same shit talkin about how it was difficult for them to work together. ITS A SETUP!!!

  21. Hit man & John John Definitely Trolling

  22. Hollow is hitting Rex’s status, he’s lucky lux decided to give him a chance
    Gun titles 2-1 all because of Hollow..lux is in a win win situation, battling his prodigies

  23. Tahj McVay says:

    Yo Big Homie My birthday August 24th

  24. MVD4MVP says:

    Well….Hollow wasn’t lying tho lmao. Roc even be a dope hypeman in all Guntitles blogs😂😂😂

  25. Hollow really a cornball wen the last time he won a battle 🤔🤔🤔 joe budden

  26. Hollow got to paint a narrative

  27. 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾thanks for the update my guy

  28. Ur Papa says:

    This could cause problems between roc and surf relationship. If roc seen all these tweets which he most likely has, he’s gonna feel some type of way about this and might agree that surf is acting like he’s rocs boss 🤣

  29. M Mlilo says:

    Hollow obviously watched those videos fully to study them and he even studied the comments, that’s where he took what he is saying and is trying to use it as an angle to create some tension between them!!

  30. 23nojumpman says:

    Surf always been a fight seller roc really dont say to much anyways and if hollow n lux coming with that then there gonna lose clearly

  31. 6:28 "Vadilidity Vadibilitbilitiy Vadilibablity"

  32. J S says:

    That is just respect for his big bro, just like cave gang show roc that respect. Hollow just trying to start shit

  33. That shit was cringeworthy… I was watching an interview on 15Mofe and Surf kept cutting Roc off and Roc trying to talk over him and Surf get louder and cut him off again. BTW, the fuck is a "adlip"?

  34. Quaszon King says:

    I noticed it asap Surf dominated the interviews. Happens everytime with Surf n Roc, but in all fairness I think thats just Surf period with whoever. Nothin personal just his personality.

  35. Surf was doing that, he even started talking like gun titles is just him

  36. It’s hard for any1 to get a word in once Surf starts talk’n, that’s his personality & Roc alwayz been a quiet/laid-back dude, But we kno this. This is Hollow just clowning , set’n up a angle & strategically plant’n a seed that won’t land cuz Roc & Surf r Tighter then Lux or Hollow will eva b. Lux Don’t need to Promote.

  37. Rufus Will says:

    Some niggas just talk more than others 🤷🏾‍♂️

  38. Hitman always trollin like this lol

  39. Hawk757 says:

    Surf def be telling Roc what to do and control everything. It just shows that Roc know his place😂😂 if that was me I woulda been told surf stfu im tryna talk nigga

  40. KYJellyman says:

    Shouldn't have did this blog if u was gonna defend roc so much lol. Hollow was cooking with the comments.

  41. I thought Hollow beat Roc 2-1 people hella was sleeping on Hollow in that battle

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