How I became the Highest Ranked Player in Fortnite [Fortnite Guide]



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In this guide I show you exactly how i got number 1 on the TRN leaderboard. Monitor …

28 Replies to “How I became the Highest Ranked Player in Fortnite [Fortnite Guide]”

  1. Lewpo says:

    Pin this comment, YOU WONT!

  2. Brett Norris says:

    Why does this only have 1k views ??????!

  3. scatter boyz says:

    you should start doing live streams

  4. TheJasperB says:

    Good video, I will use these tips

  5. Stallzyx says:

    huge props to you man for putting this out, will give it a go 🙂

  6. florence says:

    You're using Razer dude? Get an ultralight pro it feels 10x better than the Deathadder Elite imo

  7. Swashinq says:

    Hey man, I'd love to see a full game play video showing how you okay mid and end game. Anyway keep it up

  8. I didn't think you would land at junk junction because I thought it was a really bad spot, didn't know there was rifts there

  9. ReCon Clan says:

    Englishmen are the best at every thing😏

  10. Chez 15 says:

    Bro I already won 2 games using this strategy but 2nd game I didn’t get much kills but that was my fault for playing a little conservative

  11. Jim Cornella says:

    Do you believe someone on PC can reach his full potential on Fortnite on a 60hz monitor?

  12. Singularity says:

    Thoughts on the factories north east of flush for this strat as a landing spot?

  13. Jake Bailey says:

    Your insane my bro, thanks for the tips you doing England proud my man.

  14. Gurra says:

    I tried this method and the first game I played I won and got exactly 8 kills, lol.. perfect guide!

  15. Chez 15 says:

    Good vid you should upload more

  16. BaL Scopez says:

    Didn’t you say you land crates because of your brother? Lol btw it’s grant

  17. Drex0l says:

    my main question is that rpgs are so strong right now, why did you drop it?

  18. Why did you leave the shields at the rifts

  19. Voltrox says:

    NIce man 🙂 Do you have a twitter?

  20. Jakei says:

    If i follow this guide will I also be #1 ?!?!

    Love you <3

  21. Dayib DJK says:

    Bro i hope i become as great as you bro i lov u bro

  22. Mikfel says:

    Very nice almighty Jake PogChamp

  23. oh my gosh lol Gabriel and I just saw that this morning , Well done , you have all ways been a good PVP sharp shooter

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