How to Fix Call of Duty: WWII Stuttering / Sounds Issues


Call Of Duty

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CoD WW2 Audio Issues Solution.

13 Replies to “How to Fix Call of Duty: WWII Stuttering / Sounds Issues”

  1. Does anyone know if they have fixed an issue with the campaign on ps4 where it is constantly stopping for a second…like a quick stutter evrey 10,20 seconds… it's so annoying….i returned it for that reason, bought it again latet and it still did it…anyone know anything

  2. its not letting me change the bitrate

  3. Carinth says:

    Worked fine thanks. Put it on DVD quality.

  4. Nuahs says:

    worked for me. Thank you!

  5. Might wanna just take this one down in suprised the comment section is this mild

  6. Luki_PcMr says:

    Thx. Its work (: I changed to 44800Hz DVD

  7. Dude.. fix your title.. It didn't work for me

  8. iovanov miri says:

    Thank you very much!

  9. Loosetooth says:

    Fixed knob all for me as it was already on this setting and still stutters.

  10. Baca says:

    dont name the video 'stuttering fix' if its only about the fucking audio you retarded monkey

  11. DANNYonPC says:

    But it was already CD quality ._.

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