How to FIX Lag in "Call of Duty Infinite Warfare & Modern Warfare Remastered" | CoD tips and tricks


Call Of Duty

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Hey, it’s Zinja here and these are some tips and tricks on fixing lag in call of duty Infinite Warfare (CoD IW) & Modern Warfare Remastered (MWR), CoD is a game that is known to lag but these tips will help reduce the lag a lot in Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered.

5 tips & tricks to get BETTER at Infinite Warfare:

My BEST Sniper Rifle Gameplay in IW:

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11 Replies to “How to FIX Lag in "Call of Duty Infinite Warfare & Modern Warfare Remastered" | CoD tips and tricks”

  1. parallax says:

    Does the upload speed affect lag??

  2. I can never play this game or mar because my grandma is always on fucking Netflix

  3. devy lukas says:

    talk indian better ur english sucks i cant understand

  4. pps … i dont need any tips on how to play cod… been playing for 9 years … i need the fucking lag fixed…

  5. ps…. i have wired connection …fiber optic… and ZERO other people in my home using wifi… router is swiched OFF every night … the lag is in the game NOT in my router….

  6. i have been waiting on this game to come out for years … when i start a game the other players are already on the move ..then i come up against some old granny who is probably high on meths who lives in a 3 rd world country who is running wifi slower than my BT Infinity 2 fiber optic …who i know i shot first with half a fucking clip and got ZERO FUCKING HIT MARKERS…then the old cunt takes me out with what looks like 2 fucking bullets on the killcam
    .. its the only cod i play.. ..but if it goes onlike this much fucking longer…. i will sell the fucking game and go back to my 360 version… i can only pray that soon they will fix this problem… ASAP…

  7. this is like u r telling things to noob.. Probably a noob won't buy this game… U can show change in video settings to remove lag..nothing more nothing less

  8. Zinja says:

    wow so someone's botting the dislikes…

  9. OKG says:

    Don't drop that durka durk aye

  10. ok people ever better instead of be dick and disconnecting everyone from the Internet how about get a better speed from ur internet provider

  11. VillainXP says:

    Even Nat issues create lag what about that?

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