How to Get a Stretched Resolution on Fortnite Without Changing Monitor Res [READ DESC]



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I forgot to mention this but right click “GameUserSettings” click properties and under general be sure read only is un-checked. Next make sure you are on full screen mode. Lastly make sure your native monitor res is 1920×1080 to check this right click your desktop open nvidia control panel click change resolution and make sure your native monitor res is 1920×1080 if your native res is not 1920×1080 you cannot do this.

My Game User Settings:…

38 Replies to “How to Get a Stretched Resolution on Fortnite Without Changing Monitor Res [READ DESC]”

  1. i am the 1000th subscriber

  2. A Loot Llama says:

    It didnt work it stays as 1920 x 1080 is it because i dont have control panel?

  3. TRiiSTii says:

    Mine is 2560×1080 so rip

  4. eyy I am the 1 000 subscriber!!

  5. Josh Morrow says:

    How can I make it only stretch fortnite and not other games/desktop ect

  6. Thomas Beyer says:

    Thanks Man hope you hit 1,000!

  7. wow really worked thanks brotha 🙂

  8. Noel Gebrael says:

    Ma guy, you are a legend ma G

  9. I can’t find appdata folder

  10. Nigga says:

    Cmon dude wht doyou need to lie..

  11. thank you sooooo much youre the best thank you so so so so so so sooooo much!!!

  12. ChaseMck says:

    do i have to put read only on for it to save?

  13. subuz says:

    What happens if you do not have nvida control panel? Could someone please tell me. Please and thank you 😀

  14. Thank u so much bro ????

  15. vagueful says:

    It just makes the screen F**ked up, learn lmao. I am just saying, mouse isn't in sync

  16. SnakeEyes says:

    Its not showing up anymore(windows client)

    Was it checked?

  17. Av0z says:

    i can't do this i have 1280×1024 resolution on my monitor :(((( i'm sad

  18. Shido says:

    This helped a lot thnxxxx

  19. D4njo u says:

    why cant i press play button

  20. didn t work in full screen

  21. Splazz says:

    Thanks dude
    i Subed

  22. Serka Krizix says:

    thanks so fucking much man you helped me so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. my mouse isnt in sync with game i read other comment about this and i dont have nvidia

  24. ItzKamaski _ says:

    Doesn't work TT^TT I did everything correctly

  25. Does it work for windows fullscreen?

  26. bro u monly seem to care about the people who say "OMG IT WORKED!!" how about instea of only caring about them you care about people that watched this vid and is struggling with it….

  27. Im Fat :P says:

    (NOTE) You can use type in APPDATA!

  28. BulletDragon says:

    It works but the mouse is not in sync with the res

  29. I need help, i accidently clicked windowed or something and it went to native, I relaunched fortnite and changed fortnite res on game user setting to 1440 by 1080 and it still didnt work

  30. Wtf are u saying, do we put fullscreen for our desktop or fortnite, and when u said 1920×1080 had to be our native in fortnite or desktop?

  31. delta says:

    how do i fix the mouse being oof center

  32. I love this it gave e so many more wins around 15 i think thx alot dude xD 🙂 HAHA

  33. Gustelis says:

    Will I have this resolution with the SyncMaster 940n monitor ?? 1440×1080

  34. i have to move my mouse 2-3 inches left of where i want to click

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