How To Get BETTER/IMPROVE in Fortnite Fast! Fortnite Ps4/Xbox BEST Tips! (How to Win Fortnite)



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Fortnite Tips! Console Fortnite + Ps4/Xbox Tips and Tricks! How to win in Fortnite! Battle Royale Season 7! In this video I share Fortnite Tips to help you guys win as well how to build Faster in Fortnite! This Tip will make you UNBEATABLE and a Pro Player! I will be sharing some of my best tips in this video for Console Fortnite and as well as Ps4/Xbox and is also very effective for pc Fortnite! This Fortnite gameplay is in Season 7! Fortnite Ps4 Tips + Fortnite Xbox Tips that will teach…

29 Replies to “How To Get BETTER/IMPROVE in Fortnite Fast! Fortnite Ps4/Xbox BEST Tips! (How to Win Fortnite)”

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    Make sure to use code Younghumor in the item shop!! 🔥

  2. Mommadom36 plz pick me I got nu thing no vbucks no skins plz pick me

  3. Lance ツ says:

    Please tell me your brightness/graphic settings!!

  4. Yapface says:

    My Epic name is dabman19

  5. First time I saw young not in tilted towers

  6. My epic name is Firestormrider21

  7. Team Edge says:

    Xbox gametag:JustDerpyHD

  8. My username is firebrush and play on Nintendo

  9. Sladez says:

    Loved the vid bro🤙🏼 i’ll be using your code! gamer tag is AyeSladez

  10. My psn is darkskull9973

  11. Jack Ramsey says:

    Epic username: rammer74

  12. SushiBeast says:

    I hope you die in heck

  13. Blackshirt44 says:

    anyone have a renegade account that i could buy or have?

  14. Trent Gordon says:

    Also can you do a updated video on your settings because I can only find ps4 and I play on Xbox and am trying to get good binds for building and editing

  15. OrbitalZ says:

    i would love to win, you give great advice and tips
    epic: OrbitalZ_YT

  16. Chase Adcox says:

    Xbox name is batkid215

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