How to Improve your Editing on Controller! Warm-Up Course (Fortnite Console PS4/Xbox)



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►Creator Code: Teadoh

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?My Fortnite Settings:
Regular Controller
No Claw
X: 78 , Y: 70
ADS: 35
Building Sensitivity: 1.30

?PS4 Controller Binds (Modified Builder Pro)
Switch mode = Triangle
Edit = Touch Pad
Confirm = Square
Reset = R1
Map = Circle
Toggle Pickaxe = Up D-Pad
Inventory = Down D-Pad

►Background Music:
Instrumentals produced by Chuki
“Santa” and…

43 Replies to “How to Improve your Editing on Controller! Warm-Up Course (Fortnite Console PS4/Xbox)”

  1. Teadoh says:

    Map Code: 5332-6467-1131
    Map Link:

    Course 1 (Beginner): 0:18
    Course 2 (Medium): 1:03
    Course 3 (Advanced): 1:58
    Course 4 (Expert): 3:16
    Building Drills: 5:39
    Turtle War arena: 6:55
    1v1 Arena: 7:12
    Shooting Range: 7:31

    Make sure you click 'Start Game' before playing the map!

  2. Im using this map every time i warm up now ??

  3. FReDz_87 says:

    My ping is 130 I cannot do all this editing ?

  4. Corrupt says:

    I was looking for this vid for hours since me and my mates wanted to use the map i finally found it though??

  5. Dark_Colten says:

    I love your courses xd

  6. FE Clan says:

    Hey man, would you like to join our clan? We would love to have you in our clan you are such an idol to me and we are looking for someone like you!

  7. Daniel17 says:

    i hate that you only have 32K subs

  8. Atm I need to aim better than edit. I can't to literally save my life

  9. Wow! It's amazing bro!!

  10. This helped me out a lot and I only just started today

  11. destroyer says:

    Can you pls show your Controller binds?

  12. Brandon Sing says:

    The free build area is too small

  13. Brandon Sing says:

    A “few” mistakes

  14. What sens you on
    cause i’m on .65 and this is literally not possible

  15. Syn says:

    Should check me out dawg I’m super underatted ❤️

  16. Hey. Just wanted to say I love the map and I’m really enjoying practicing. Only suggestion I would have is to add either an open timer (goes on forever if that’s possible) or a second longer timer so that bad players like me can see if they can beat their own times since on even the easier course I can’t beat it yet 🙂 .

  17. Jaden Lopez says:

    Do you use edit assist?

  18. Ninja says:

    keep up the grind

  19. Drifty says:

    Do a hand cam to show how u edit with the touch pad

  20. Scxped Venom says:

    Nobody will read this but if only one single person reads this it will make my day❤ I really want to hit 500 subs by 2020?i hope you have a great day today?and everyday and have a bright future?and may god bless all of your dreams?i know fame doesn't happen overnight but i work my hardest to be the best youtuber?i would appreciate any support❤

  21. xluis476 says:

    Cool vid!With which button are u resetting

  22. How to have instant edit?

  23. 7OST Brandon says:

    Is it a bad idea to have your edit and confirm bound to the same button?

  24. i added it but the rift is not there when i go in the server can anyone help?

  25. XD Wait says:

    Hey is it better to use edit mode aim assist or no

  26. Shaul Regev says:

    Turtle war arena is for when u r with friends and make turtles like scrims?

  27. Sick course bro, well done

  28. You are awesome man thanks for giving me this code hopefully I can get good cause I'm decent

  29. grave bean says:

    Guess whos in my creater code now

  30. RTV iMadeYhu says:

    Your Goated ? Keep Up The Work ❗️

  31. Are you a claw gripper, an elite controller user, or normal controller ???

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