How to Lower Ping and Fix Fortnite Lag Issues – Fortnite Support



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Learn how to lower your ping and fix Fortnite lag issues with this video. For more details visit

High latency or ping in Fortnite can be frustrating. Ping is the amount of time it takes for data to travel between you and our data centers. Your ping is dependent on several factors including your location and your connection speed,…

42 Replies to “How to Lower Ping and Fix Fortnite Lag Issues – Fortnite Support”

  1. We need African serversWe need African serversWe need African servers

  2. We need African servers

  3. We need African servers

  4. We need African servers

  5. Everyone comment we need see servers in the comment

  6. wlsn says:

    wheres sea servers?

  7. xd ZeLo says:

    i like how they say its our problem but everyones ping is at 10-20

  8. MetalFace says:


  9. Plixon says:


  10. Achilles says:

    Anyone else notice valorant in most used apps im dead 😂😵

  11. Sao Graphics says:

    Just put more servers in latam and central America

  12. ecoraz says:

    just be honest, ur guys servers r broken lol

  13. SZ Axqua says:

    Caribbean server plz like so they can see

  14. MellowATJ says:

    Remember to sub to my channel

  15. SyzTeMaTiC says:

    Just add more servers all over in more locations you have money to do it what is holding you back Epic Scam

  16. ELEctr0 _ says:

    Please Fortnite we need South African servers!!

  17. Zuchi says:

    Please fix arena servers eu. (high ping)…

  18. DEQUAN says:

    im going to commit suicide if epic didn't add seaserver

  19. Bradpride says:

    oh yeah it’s my internet that causes ping not the horrible servers

  20. St H says:

    wtf these bitch have the minimum requirments
    Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870 or equivalent DX11 GPU. Video Memory: 2 GB VRAM.

    Processor: Core i5-7300U 3.5 GHz.

    Memory: 8 GB RAM.

    OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit or Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6.
    and still with rx560 4gb 12 gb ram i5 4th gen I get 150fps witch drops to 30 fps randomly

  21. Akshay Gala says:

    fortnite is just dumb and stupid for no reason my ping is high i used to get around 20 ping and now i am getting 50+ ping and i am playing on the same server

  22. is it any servers in middle asia?

  23. CandrexFN says:

    please add central servers and host in texas please it would be so nice to be 10-20 ping i live in missouri and just please

  24. Rejas 30 says:

    guau que información tan interesante lo debo intentar porque latinoamerica solo podemos jugar asta 90 ping hacia arriba y la parte de argentina y brasil juegan a 0 de ping a 50 porque ellos están cerca del servidor de brasil pero lo feo que la mayor parte de latinoamerica que solo jugamos un alto ping y NECESITAMOS UN SERVIDOR EN CHILE Y COLOMBIA PARA JUGAR 0 DE PING Y NO TENGAMOS PROBLEMAS, SEAN COMO VALORANT PORQUE ELLOS SI SE PREOCUPA LA PARTE DE LATINOAMERICA NO COMO FORTINITE Y TIENE SERVIDORES LATINOS CUANDO SALIO PERO FORTNITE SE DEMORA COMO 3 AÑOS Y NI SIQUIERA PONEN UN SERVIDOR NUEVO PERO LO FEO QUE FORTNITE NO PUEDE HACER NADA PORQUE LOS SERVIDORES QUE UTILIZA SON DE AMAZON ENTONCES COMO QUIEREN QUE JUGUEMOS BIEN A 0 PING.

  25. LD0102 says:

    Who needs SA servers

  26. Tilter EX says:

    you know what ping im playing on epic games 90 ping to 150 ping

  27. Tilter EX says:

    bring back sea server

  28. Racist epic bring sa servers

  29. Vitandus EBK says:

    Shut the fuck up, your game is not only dogshit now but so are servers. It’s host dependent now?. LOL I can play cod and stomp on 70-90 ping, but I can’t play fn past 30 ping. Fix your shit you apes

  30. knife says:

    my ping is good i get around 600-2000

  31. Auxi says:

    What about a console

  32. Zxlody says:

    lmao there is valorant there 0:45

  33. Instructions not clear. Still dont have african servers

  34. Prime Clan says:

    In Nigeria we get 1000 ping please help

  35. Greece be like : 90 ping is playable

  36. I got banned for sending too many 2FA codes and then got hit with some bull after sending proof like past passwords screenshots of the account and even past IP addresses like come on what more do you guys need I have games on there

  37. Can y’all dumasses stop telling us how to instead of making servers, all of us did mostly every way to lower our ping and the only fucking reason is we have no servers, that probably why so many people are bad at the game and are quitting

  38. Tiyonchik says:

    Imagine having billions of dollars and not buying community asking servers XD

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