How To "TIER UP FAST" In Fortnite | Tier 100 In ONE DAY! (Fortnite Tier Up)



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How to RANK UP FAST & get TIERS SUPER FAST in FORTNITE Season 4 – *NO* V-BUCKS NEEDED! Battle Royale! How to level up super fast in Fortnite Battle Royale! TIER 100! No V-bucks needed!
How to RANK UP FAST and get TIERS SUPER FAST in FORTNITE (Battle Royale). FORTNITE XP TRICK HERE! HOW TO RANK UP SUPER FAST in Fortnite is something everyone should be doing and should not miss theses tips and tricks in Fortnite Battle Royale! How to get Omega Skin and the secret glider super quick

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46 Replies to “How To "TIER UP FAST" In Fortnite | Tier 100 In ONE DAY! (Fortnite Tier Up)”

  1. PixelZ Man says:

    I never went to tier 100 because of school

  2. Fortinte wants to know your location

  3. are you color blind? You have one of the color blind settings

  4. Whag happends when you are on tier 100 and have no v bucks

  5. i have straight up 1 more battle star from getting the tier 100 skin

  6. cqssqndrq says:

    How to do the tier I mean how does it work to win it and to get it

  7. Jack Frost says:

    You can also start a game and leave to get xp

  8. You pass a heavy shotgun

  9. 876 Jahcool says:

    Anyone else saw that slurp juice that he missed?

  10. Anyone in season 6 came here?

  11. I’m so close to getting the dusk wings and I can’t seem to do any of the challenges! I’m leveling up though, and I’m close to lv 40 (ik not too high) which will give me 10 tier stars and get me the next tier which will mean I am 2 whole tier things away from the dusk wings. Rn I’m 3 away. I really want them because I recently got a skin that will match the wings ( a lot do Bc the wings are black (and btw you people I’m not being racist don’t be immature I mean the color) ) So yeah, some of my challenges are a BIT hard, but that’s all.

  12. hey! shut up and get to the point

  13. Im 8 tiers from Dire Depression

    Inspired by a comment on top of me

  14. Anyone Season 6 week 6

  15. im tier 5 and we on season 6 ripp

  16. Has anybody notice that there has NEVER been a girl skin as a max their?

  17. You sound like blink the handless god

  18. Im watching in season 6 lol

  19. Is this guy colorblind cus he’s using the option on his items

  20. Buttsniper says:

    I never knew about secret battle stars and I was just 5 tiers away from 100

  21. Who Else wants xbox live or playstation plus to play fortnite??????????(i want Xbox Live)

  22. who is watching this in 2018

  23. Jennie Hanna says:

    what about seasin 6

  24. How to teir up talks for ten minutes

  25. i hate being a noob skin

  26. Preston Cole says:

    First 5 minutes of this video are garbage

  27. I'm tier 93 and season 5 will end in 3 days. Who will think I will make to tier 100

  28. The_ MCRuler says:

    he is right tho, i took a break from playing fortnite after buying my battle pass and i came back 2 weeks before the end of season 5, and i was only tier 15, after 1 week and a few days, i am already tier 76… im only looking this up because i did all my challenges, and im only lvl 46, so can definitely making it to Ragnarok xD

  29. The_ MCRuler says:

    what if i already beat every single challenge? hmmm

  30. Tru Alpha808 says:

    I only get 5 tiers for each weekly challenge

  31. Startak says:

    im at tier 70 because i left fortnite for a good 40 days. i grinded most of my challenges in the last few days but no idea how im gonna get the last 10 tiers. (help!)

  32. “It can literally take you a Day to get tier 100!” It took me two months for tier 95

  33. Once I almost got it ragorok i got better at building and accuarcy

  34. ƑØrtnite says:

    If I sum up what I learned from a 15 min vid it would be to do the challenges ?

  35. ForPugsSake says:

    I’m watching for season 5, it’s my first battlepass. Tier 81 right now, wish me luck

  36. I don't even play this game lol I just need this bc I brought the season 5 battle pass and I don't want it to be a waste of money

  37. Leif Rudnick says:

    That was funny when he missed the building

  38. Can you tier up without the battle pass

  39. Are you color blind?

  40. Drud Gaming says:

    Who else came to the comments to se if it works

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