How To Use Aim Assist On Controller | Hit MORE Shots



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How to abuse aim assist and aim well in Fortnite with a controller on PC, PS4, Xbox, and Switch! Use these tips to improve your accuracy!


Colorblind Video:

How To Win Solo:

Fortnite Settings:

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32 Replies to “How To Use Aim Assist On Controller | Hit MORE Shots”

  1. Rodey Bros says:

    Live commentary with some extra tips at the end!
    Keep the lasers coming people…
    Creator Code: rbcole

  2. ogiceboy says:

    My fav Ar is the heavy

  3. kirewiツ says:

    I find heavy ars are the best since the headshot multiplier is insane.

  4. Should I use toggle targeting or hold to aim in??? Pls help

  5. Alles Banane says:

    awesome thanks a lot

  6. @Rodey Bros what’s the aiming facility/map you’re using?

  7. Leo W. says:

    Man you really dis crediting the AK

  8. Anasse20 says:

    Aim assist is nerfed

  9. The Conaway says:

    Cole: Ahh man I didn’t mean to win.

  10. Thao Cami says:

    thank you, this really help me, i like n sub to you <3

  11. I can kill people good and win easy, but the problem is i only have 3 to 4 kills. How do I find more people?

  12. Zayn Shaikh says:

    When your so good that you win even when you don’t want to

  13. WorldOfAnime says:

    rodey : i didnt get into alot fight
    also rodey : 12 kills

  14. WorldOfAnime says:

    7:13 "i didnt mean to win" im deadass, i wish i can say that

  15. Do you play on pc, coz my aim assist on ps4 is none existant.

  16. RYZE _Maruf says:

    Bro its easy bc ur in 200 fps try 60 u have no aim assist ITS NOT FAIR

  17. Hey, RB! I have a question. Does aim assist work on PC, with with a controller plugged in? Please respond, but it's okay if you don't. Also, thanks for all the helpful videos! I have become a better player just because of these videos.

  18. DD_Zzero6 says:

    You know you have gotten to a stage in the game that you are so good that you "didn't want to win" or you are just toying with people showing us how to use a gun. lol

  19. How come I can't see through the storm with my color blind mode on… It just makes the storm darker now

  20. asian54792YT says:

    I wish i could play on NA servers on console everyones a bot9

  21. Dark Santa_ says:

    Aim assist pops off on pc but console not so much

  22. Biko Baka says:

    F for the Scoped AR

  23. L2 spam, Drum gun, lasering people out of the sky, left stick up (W key)

  24. Noahツ says:

    Can u stream some more?

  25. Can I play with you once pls I would love to play with you and keep up the good vids btw

  26. TB GANG says:

    Never seen someone sad because they got a win

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