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► How To Use The Stealth Chopper in Call Of Duty: Mobile!
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5 Replies to “How To Use The Stealth Chopper! | Call Of Duty: Mobile | Tips & Tricks”

  1. Fry Baby says:

    I'm in the mid 100's and always finish top 3 of my team but still, I am having hella issues with stealth choppers and vtols.. when someone else is in the air I can't go up? Even if it's my team that has one up.. but other teams can have two up, so why can't I?

  2. Your video is non sense

  3. Slabz H says:

    How do they deploy multiple stealth choppers at once

  4. MP Creations says:

    I need to know how to use 2 stealth chopper in one game from 1 team.

  5. Visel Delix says:

    Please play ROE again ??

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