How To Win In The NEW Fortnite 3rd Party Meta! (Fortnite How To Win)



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Hey what is going on guys, in this video today we’re gonna be going over how to succeed and win in the current third party meta of Fortnite. Third partying has always been a staple of Fortnite, but, it has seen a major spike in popularity over the last few months and is definitely at its highest point right now in season 6. As we’ve discussed before this is mostly due to a combination of the skill level of the average Fortnite player continually rising and more mobility enhancing items and…

25 Replies to “How To Win In The NEW Fortnite 3rd Party Meta! (Fortnite How To Win)”

  1. GronKy says:

    Used some new video settings for this gameplay. Let me know if it looks a little better than usual!

  2. Itz_Flamex says:

    You vs the shittiest players ever

  3. Im sick of 3rd 4th 5th partied every single game. Everyone is playing like a little bitch.

  4. don't know says:

    I hate third partiers on solo

  5. Alzacc says:

    Now if im in a 1v1 and get 3rd partied i just stand still and give up especially if i have low mats

  6. Scogg says:

    Lol third partying is for trash kids get good noobs

  7. Bozzy says:

    Highest in season 6? Lol your funny

  8. Remake this for the latest update cus I've never had it this bad before like I swear people are teaming up and coming for me

  9. a potato says:

    season 6: Man I am sick and tired of the overpowered redeploy meta, I get third-partied so much.
    Season 7: You thought that was bad? Planes just came to fortnite and now getting third partied is more common than a build battle.

  10. GG12 says:

    3rd partying is gay

  11. This happens every game I fight someone in tilted some idiot just shoots me in the back with an ar the end

  12. TrueSparks says:

    I hate 3rd party assholes with all my life. No disrespect but it’s so fucking cheep and annoying since right when I’m in a fight, both the guy I’m fighting and another faggot ramp up on me, don’t shoot each other at all, and only go for me when I’m in cover and with campfires.

  13. the start of the video you just explain methods they use to third party me. you are insanely trash at making a video of explaining how to not get third partied. i get third partied every single 2 seconds because i dont have a STUPID GUN or have literally a pistol. sometimes i kill someone and get third partied because they have one kill less than me and have like max shield. BAD VIDEO

  14. Yaas dude u have s so good and I will reading dis on season 7

  15. Brynanna says:

    This is so annoying players who suck literally have to third party just to get kills

  16. i die 8 out out of 10 times for this reason :^/

  17. I played 20 games in a row and I got third partied in ALL of them.

  18. I'm literally gonna rip my hair out if I get 3rd party one more time

  19. xd kostas says:

    Season 7 : Planes

  20. You talk a lot about squads and not solo plays so I might start playing more squads to test this out.?

  21. Lol I think you eliminated me bro

  22. Stupidvok says:

    My pump did 375 dmg

  23. Ehh im done with this game as many players that we have everybody has to come behind you instead of fighting their own fight

  24. Subscribed can i have a heart and a hey from you?

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