How to Win the Early Game in Fortnite Competitive – 14 Tips and Tricks



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How to Win the Early Game in Fortnite Competitive – 14 Tips and Tricks
Hi everyone. In this video, I show 14 different tips and tricks that advanced level pro players use to dominate and survive the early game. Please join the discord link in bio if you have any questions for me. Please subscribe if this helped as it really helps me grow. I donate my revenue to charity and a simple subscribe, like and comment goes a long way. A special thank you to NOTLOGS for editing this video.I will be…

21 Replies to “How to Win the Early Game in Fortnite Competitive – 14 Tips and Tricks”

  1. You made a very unique tutorial, that is unique to your channel guy! Beautifully done! Watched 100% I make fortnite content too. Some I allowed creative commons license. If youd like to use something you like, let me know and I'll open the creative commons license for ya.

  2. Well, for solos I spam glider to move quickly away from bus line. Always dropping last third and away, yes when i get to my destination i nose dive myself… good tips. You are a smart guy!

  3. CheaterZyrox says:

    Can u make a video about how to get good at arena because I’m only in division 5 and every time I tried to join a trio they say I’m two low of a division

  4. Bro why did you tell them your drop you will get contested

  5. Iris08 says:

    I grinded for soo long and i got a little bit good but now i cant get motived to train because i can only play 2h a day before i used to play like 6h a day now i cant do that and i dont know what to do

  6. Shaz God says:


  7. Great video manu! 🙂

  8. ItzVox says:

    I love your videos they definitely help me with mentality and smarts I have a question if u would like to answer real quick so there is a duo cup coming up and my duo isnt the best player it is my best friend Irl and we are a duo how do u play as the igl but u are more mechanically skilled and are smater I dont know if we should just w key and rack up points or we should get consistent placment please help me on this one @ManuA12 bye!

  9. boar ک says:

    Ur a very underrated content creator

  10. Eliowa says:

    came from the rich homie

  11. IcyFlames says:

    Awesome Guide you have got me better i recently won 100 bucks, and this the reason why

  12. BB Edge says:

    Came from gameleap since I subbed w notis as I am in a cash cup I am watching this

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