*HUGE* Call of Duty: Mobile Beta Update – Future Updates, Game Quality Improvements, etc! | COD Beta


Call Of Duty

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Call of Duty: Mobile – *HUGE* Call of Duty: Mobile Beta Update – Future Updates, Game Quality Improvements, etc! | COD Beta

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38 Replies to “*HUGE* Call of Duty: Mobile Beta Update – Future Updates, Game Quality Improvements, etc! | COD Beta”

  1. ⭐Can we get 500 likes on this video? 😀

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  2. Kevoy Scott says:

    Please last kill cam

  3. Kevoy Scott says:

    Can u ask them for last kill cam

  4. Juice Rose says:

    The AR has a grip but he doesn’t use it lol

  5. LION KING says:

    Bro just tell us when the official release is not the beta

  6. Daud Hicks says:

    I have to say, the 3D Touch was way too sensitive for me, PUBG has it perfect, so I am sure they can fix it.

  7. Sam. says:

    yay baby no more p2w

  8. I Hope for one thing not to release the game on pc emulator it will ruin the game by hackers cuz must of them on pc using hacks just like pubg mobile.

  9. BETA will be out this weekend! Zombies is coming also!!

  10. Mayaxy says:

    Show us proof that they said this. A lot of YouTuber make this up for views.

  11. torava says:

    When will the beta start in eu

  12. They need to take out auto-fire also smg and auto fire is toooo opppp

  13. Cant wait to play this on tencent gaming buddy..

  14. I just want to see how zombies plays

  15. I can drop a nuke on a mobile game while simultaneously nuking my phone's battery

  16. Just Coolin says:

    They should put prestige’s in it

  17. EmpireGaming says:

    Call of duty mobile should come to switch

  18. Will we be able to use a controller?

  19. Oliver Queen says:

    Thanks for the update Parker! Seriously can’t wait for this game😁

  20. Tap Water says:

    Will it come out for flip phones

  21. RiOT TOXIC says:

    So what beta is this and how do I get on to it

  22. [GR4F] M3RGE says:

    I hope you can play offline

  23. We should be able to move our controls around

  24. Dylan Fart says:

    I can’t wait Parker thanks for giving us this info can’t wait for a new beta or something to come out keep the great content going

  25. DADDY69TM says:

    The game felt great to me very smooth on the redmagic can't wait for the next beta

  26. ADS Sniper says:

    I hope that they make snipers a one hit kill because of the fact that it’s harder on mobile

  27. Tankboy-4000 says:

    Lmao only 1gb I can dedicate my hole phones memory storage and even ram to one game

  28. Mat GG says:

    Trust me, I am a Chinese dude play tecent game since 5 years old. What the mean by optimism to adopt more kinds of phone basically mean downgrade the graphic

  29. Im The Ninja says:

    This game is definitely gonna be better than pubg

  30. Dead manfTP says:

    For some reason I have a feeling he made this up

  31. GAMING KING says:

    Will it come for LG aristo

  32. Thank You 🙏The Developers Of This Amazing Future Mobile Game Are Seriously True GOATS 🐐For Keeping It Real No More Of That Pay To Win Bullshit💪🏽💯 Gotta Get It How You Earn It💪🏽💯

  33. I hate how the game works for samsung j7 prime(that's my mums phone) which has comed out since 2016, while it doesn't work for my j4+ which is from 2018, wich is better than the j7, I call bullshit, I literally got so mad and confused

  34. will it come on 2gbram devices and also thanks for the news

  35. Jake Bardo says:

    Call of Duty: Mobile has to be released before June 18th

  36. JIK7- 120FPS says:

    I play on my IPad Pro 10.5 and i wan‘t a good graphic and smooth 120FPS game in this beta

  37. FafnirIOS says:

    I went to UFO vpn I tried to connect my vpn it said CODM US servers

  38. Scrubalino says:

    I’m really excited for it

    Thank you for you information

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