I Killed An Entire Village With A Newspaper In Hitman 2



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The hitman 2 kill everyone challenge, but doing it only with a newspaper! It’s really funny to kill everyone in the entire level, I’ve never done that in a Hitman game before. Enjoy these funny moments!

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34 Replies to “I Killed An Entire Village With A Newspaper In Hitman 2”

  1. BREAKING NEWS! Like this video or I'll hit you with a newspaper!

  2. Jack: I’m going to kill everyone and put them in sewers

    Pennywise: Oh yeah it’s feasting time!

  3. Breaking News : This just in. A whole town was whipped out. Leaving nothing but a ghost town. More updates on this story will be later so stay tuned.

    Jacksepticeye : where's Mr. Potatoman when you need him!!

  4. I can imagine the news a man has killed every one in this village with just a screwdriver and a news paper and muffins

  5. Joseph Kahn says:

    Is jack a serial killer?

  6. Ekin Thao says:

    Sir did u know news travels fast

  7. Did noone notice that the "muffin man baldi" have a barcode on the back of his head of strips of hair?

  8. I’m gonna just say it-

    This seems like it was based off of callmekevins playing

  9. wait if they didn't see the news did they hear about the word

  10. Zillaxy says:

    at 6:02 its basically the world war two

  11. This is so funny ??? LMAOO

  12. Papa Chook says:

    When you incinerate rhem you show demonitized sticker yet you still have ads

  13. Wolfy _chan says:

    Everybody who disliked the vid are the people that were killed

  14. Jennifer L says:

    All people are muffins men

  15. El1etSwiftt says:

    “ I killed a whole Village with only a newspaper.” My reaction, “Ok boomer..”

  16. rez fn says:

    Is it just me or are the screwdrivers way better than the newspaper

  17. My favorite weapon, you ask me?
    Now… Tis be da muffin.
    Oatmeal raisin muffins, the least favorite kind so the muffins can get their revenge;
    or chocolate chocolate chip, so my targets can be betrayed by their most favorite kind.

  18. Romel Nurse says:

    jack can u shave your mouthstach

  19. ronald leon says:


  20. Xd Gamer says:

    That was awesome and quite hilarious. Loved it. keep up the great work.

  21. Local man knocks people with newspapers for unknown porpuses

  22. OMG when I started This video I started coughing

  23. Dark Wolf says:

    Oh no Seán is Sweeney Todd up in here.

  24. 5:14 victim: “man are you gonna run out of muffins”

    Jack: “no because I‘am the muffin man”

  25. It's 2:43 in the morning, I'm tryna get my tooth out and I'm over here watching Jack while I'm in pain

  26. Julie Dye says:

    I can't believe you killed almost everyone with a newspaper

  27. Lana says:

    "She's just sick." Has the same energy as John Mulaney saying "He's sick." About Petunia his dog

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