i9 MacBook Pro Fortnite Gaming with a $1500 Workstation GPU!



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AMD recently sent us two Radeon Pro WX 9100 workstation graphics cards, so we decided to hook one of them up to our 2018 15″ i9 MacBook Pro and see how well it performs while playing Fortnite!

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21 Replies to “i9 MacBook Pro Fortnite Gaming with a $1500 Workstation GPU!”

  1. ricky v says:

    Bummer to see it didn't much for games. Now, to watch your video about this card for editing videos. (:

  2. nick j says:

    There are gaming drivers for the Radeon pro cards firstly, second of all try using it not externally, so in a Windows machine, with the graphics card in the pcie slot on the motherboard and play more games than just fortnite

  3. trystarzz says:

    Its so annoying i hate these type of reviews coz lets be honest not very many people play high and epic settings

  4. robob221 says:


  5. Michal zabko says:

    It will'be nice to see review of the Radeon™ Pro WX 8200 Graphics with blender. The diffrence beetwen 9100 & 8200.

  6. xsmi says:

    This GPU has no gaming drivers. If you want a card that doubles as a workstation AND gaming card, you need the Vega64 FE.

  7. Ahmed Hassan says:

    Can you test GTX 1080 ti?

  8. Pls do a vid on using egpu with iMac

  9. Trumpalumpa says:

    So this guy is playing FORTNITE on MACOS with a LOGITEC CRAFT keyboard. Find the faults.

  10. Who buys a MacBook to play games?

  11. Why not try the graphics card in a PC or Mac natively. Thunderbolt 3 has a pretty decent overhead that tends to impact FPS. putting it into a native PCI Express slot should give you better performance. Workstation card or not I really think your limitation it's probably the platform and Thunderbolt 3.

  12. First things first, that Gpu isn’t meant for gaming ?‍♂️

  13. espro says:

    Здаров, Вадик!

  14. How about EGPU connected to IMac using set egpu in game play.

  15. Make it on internal display. Thanks

  16. I'd rather get the Playstation 4 Pro

  17. ApexJnr says:

    put the settings on medium and see what the fps was o_o

  18. It's better to just build a PC instead if you want to game. eGPU is not cost effective for gaming yet

  19. AppleInsider says:

    If you're thinking of gaming on the 2018 15" MacBook Pro, the base CPU will be fine. Just make sure to upgrade to the 560X graphics card. What are your thoughts on this?

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  20. FerdyLA says:

    Wait. Isn’t the Blackmagic eGPU using Radeon Pro 580? Is Radeon Pro 580 the same as RX 580? Why he keep saying RX 580? This isn’t the first video that he said RX 580 in the BlackMagic eGPU. Someone please explain to me?

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