Informing About the Magic of Friendship | Call of Duty: Black Ops II


Call Of Duty

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41 Replies to “Informing About the Magic of Friendship | Call of Duty: Black Ops II”

  1. CraigAA1028 says:

    I have moved on from this channel and started one focusing on video game reviews. If you want to keep up with me these days, you can check out my new channel here:

  2. Panzer_978 says:

    I enjoy vajina XD

  3. man a troll that does homework..fucking awesome…lol

  4. This video is the video that got me addicted to the mlp game

  5. xNoTraps says:

    Oh he's actually serious, I cant help but cringe…

  6. Demise says:

    why is spike left out

  7. chris conrad says:

    Back when i watched this and the other pony commentaries in 2015 i wasnt a brony. I didnt even know what mlp fim was. I got into mlp fim 1.5 years ago. My favorite is fluttershy (i mean hello, look at my profile pic). Id have to say my favorite episode so far. Well its sort of a tie between crusaders of the lost mark and the times they are a changling.

    Let me just list my favorite pony from the following groups:
    Mane six: fluttershy
    Princess: luna
    Background: derpy
    Reformed: discord
    Villian: queen chrysalis
    Non pony: gabby the griffon

    Most emotional episode imo: the perfect pear.

  8. What an actually nice bunch of people lol, I’ve seen a lot worse

  9. Snivy says:

    I feel like certain COD emblems are the closest thing you'll find to actually being inappropriate on YouTube.

  10. Emerald Coin says:

    Well gun bullets are cannon, we know this because in the best pet win episode rainbow dash sings somthing like "theh have to fly as fast as a BULLET to keep up with me"

  11. Is there a story line…..
    Yea…goes into detail
    (Guy laughs hysterically in the background)
    Man I was dying laughing ??

  12. Orion Her says:

    I love Mlp and theres nothing wrong with watching the show its a great show

  13. Imabanana89 says:

    omg i want him to make videos again so much also youtube unsubbed me from him so fuck off and PLEASE COME BACK!!

  14. this is some top notch content to bad the channels down now but surprisingly these dudes were pretty cool they took a joke and didn't mindlessly hate they just joked back but I think they didn't hate because they couldn't be mad because they were high on weed at least that seemed to be why

  15. Blue Phoenix says:

    It is kinda strange when put into words people need to see it to find the entertainment

  16. 5:00 Wait, that's a vagina he's talking about? That "woman" looks like she has pink pubic hair down there!

  17. Mindbender05 says:

    The good thing about idiots like is.. you quit them 🙂 Have fund fun living your miserable youtube life 😀 bye!

  18. MildlyUpset says:

    I love the Beavis and Butthead laugh you get out of these people you troll.

  19. MildlyUpset says:

    I love the Beavis and Butthead laugh you get out of these people you troll.

  20. callmeJack says:

    Is he still a brony?

  21. Gotta admit, I wouldn't have the balls to do this. For one thing I suck at COD. For another I'd probably just be silent the whole time.

  22. JaVICK _a8 says:

    Soo cringy I love it!!!

  23. Deejay says:

    it's rly sad that he stopped making these videos :/ RIP

  24. Gravity says:

    I likes those guys

  25. A DJR says:

    LOL…. "thats like asking me to suck dick, but i won't do it."

  26. Geno Sans says:

    nice emblem 🙂

  27. Dark Void says:

    The other videos were more interesting imo. The people in the other videos were douchebags. These guys seemed alright.

  28. Oh my god, this is the funniest video i ever seen.

  29. I am not a brony but I think there is nothing wrong with it to like mlp.

  30. MLP HEAVEN says:

    I might be miss judging them, but they seem like better sports than most non bronies on COD

  31. I had to explain to my family about MLP once. I gave them a synopsis of the season 4 fannaly. Then I tried to explain how the cover looks gay as fuck but the show is like the song "Going for a ride – scissor sisters" happy as fuck but violent when you listen to the words. Point is, don't judge a book by its cover.

  32. Neon Cora says:

    Do you have the mlp game? " Fucking yeah " XD

  33. Coda says:

    This is great 😀

  34. Smalley says:

    Life lesson: Don't judge bronies till you actually know them.

  35. don't make fun of mlp like that. fuck you too

  36. It's just skin, and it's just a cartoon" XD

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