iPhone 11 Pro Max Call of Duty Mobile Handcam Gameplay


Call Of Duty

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28 Replies to “iPhone 11 Pro Max Call of Duty Mobile Handcam Gameplay”

  1. Pls sub my channel Critical one Praatik

  2. Pls sub my channel Critical one Praatik

  3. tupanga r says:

    Im leyend with 14000 points with samsung s7 you with this phone do nothing

  4. tupanga r says:

    This everythin noobs

  5. All of thems arr noobs maybe comr play against me or high lvl players and let see if you can get kills like that looooool

  6. We have the exact same layout 😅

  7. Tellis O8 says:

    How is he using score streaks and also getting nukes? 🤨

  8. Santiago Vel says:

    Hey where did you purchase those finger sleeves ??? Which website pls post it

  9. DIDS OM says:

    Épico simplemente , buenardo

  10. crazy shit says:

    See game is all about aiming will learn from you thanks for the video now will change to three finger or four to have better control .

  11. :3 says:

    Was the device warm or hot after the gameplay? Curious

  12. Gstrang420 says:

    dude your aim is crazyyy

  13. LoA-Reaper says:

    Bro can we play together plz

  14. I think I have a new idol. 😄 of The Ifiget, you play wild, eio, to be honest, motivates you to go and play 😂

  15. Ashar Khan says:

    Smooth like Butter What A Performance🔥🔥🔥

  16. What is called what he has on his thumbs?

  17. polar ._. says:

    Cualquiera es pro von un iphone :v

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