Is Call Of Duty 2 Still Playable Online In 2019..? LOL


Call Of Duty

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hope u guys enjoyed the video lol this one was fun
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40 Replies to “Is Call Of Duty 2 Still Playable Online In 2019..? LOL”

  1. Elias Souza says:

    You play my hand a lot, I'm brazilian

  2. I played this back in the days on pc, man the mods and custom maps etc this game was lit, best one ever same for battlefield 1942

  3. AMSeagle says:

    This was my first ever Xbox 360 game ever it will always have a place in my heart

  4. Tyler Murphy says:

    Think you're too late to play COD BR1 And COD Finest Hour online

  5. Stinky Singh says:

    This guy uses old gameplay for all his videos especially his mw2 videos, he uses old footage of him playing back in the day. Then acts like it's new

  6. Do cod 3. There's definitely one online map on that that was really good

  7. GreeveHD says:

    Scoreboard on Nuke on MW2

  8. 0:48 this gun is sooooo bad in zombies b04 ??? I pack a punched it like 5 times and it was terrible

  9. "what gun is this? oh like a type99" me: THATS A BREN

  10. haha that dude cynex was named after a weed strain, its pronounced SIN-ex tho, not SINE-ex

  11. You should make a video on the original cod and see if that still has people playing… I went back on like 4-5;years ago and it was still crazy busy so many people and shit lol

  12. ReaperInc says:

    Think I subbed back when you were the only guy streaming mw2 with less than 1k subs. I thought hell yeah I’ll sub that was my favorite game when I was younger. You stuck with it, pleased your viewer base, and now your almost at 100k. Congrats dude.

  13. I just beat this game on veterans and I say. It's the hardest cod game ever on veterans to me

  14. Cod the original and this one are still my favourites

  15. LethaL DosE says:

    If only cod 1 was backwards compatible like every other cod is why not cod 1 🙁

  16. first multiplayer game i played as a kid… the memories!!

  17. Fulltronpet says:

    Look at those good big open maps. What happened?

  18. O.o says:

    Still better graphics than counter strike ?‍♂️

  19. tAmEz ZoDiAc says:

    Sprint is the same speed ass walking since the map is smaller and not all stretched out like sprint.

  20. AlterFX says:

    I think it’s so funny so many of these gun sounds were recycled into newer cod games ?

  21. Capin says:

    Bless you for making these old videos!

  22. Van de Lukas says:

    Pls play this game on a ps3

  23. aוτimgamr says:

    Cod 3 multiplayer was great!

  24. Still better than fortnite.

  25. how the fuck they didn't changed their game except graphics! what a scam!

  26. Nope it was not a dlc gun there were no dlc guns in waw

  27. wait xbox360 Xbox live was canceled

  28. Mvstng GT says:

    Wow, what a throw back, I miss these days

  29. It's still playable on PC. But almost all servers are modded, anyway there are more people online than on console

  30. kasztaniec says:

    i would play but cant find no servers lol. its still better than new cods for me

  31. Crazy how all the call of duties now a days have much smaller maps and have just reversed completely. But yet people still play them like crazy

  32. I played through the campaign for a straight year when it came out and my friends and i played split screen multiplayer. Holy memories

  33. Still better than insert a shitty game

  34. I only stopped playing multiplayer call of duty United offensive (expansion for cod 1) last year it's an absolutely amazing game

  35. I bought cod 2 for the gamecube so i didnt know it had multiplayer lol

  36. Whisper95 says:

    Stop with the “x game in 2019 ?” shits out of control and unnecessary

  37. Alex Lulz says:

    cod 2 was by far the best if you let nostalgia play a factor. the beautiful campaign.. raw skill multiplayer with all types of maps for its time that worked.. rip them memories

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