Is Call of Duty Fun? – Black Ops 3


Call Of Duty

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Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is it fun or not???

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45 Replies to “Is Call of Duty Fun? – Black Ops 3”

  1. Chase Hurley says:

    I feel like black ops 3 copied titanfall with wall run slide and jetpack

  2. Save Our Ship or in morse code … _ _ _ …

  3. Sverre Odr says:

    I watched this video, thought it looked really fun, remembered I had it free from PS+, downloaded and played it, remembered I sucked hard at FPS games and uninstalled it!

  4. j v says:

    This video is edited like a call of duty game whenever the guys are rambling or there's nothing important on screen it cuts to action gameplay, my problem with call of duty is that it's fun but there's better alternatives out there except zombies, it's the only game that has that style of gameplay in it.

  5. I2PILOT2I says:

    This game based of titanfall so much

  6. Anthony irritated me in this video lol

  7. feel like Neebs would have freaked out if they went over the gun paint jobs

  8. Sos doesn't stand for anything.

  9. Mike Tall says:

    Liked because of the joke at the title screen ripping off Arkham knight

  10. Trash Raider says:

    Honestly zombies are the only thing in Call of Duty that doesn't feel repetitive.

  11. the Fonz jumped a shark in a lake on skis while wearing his leather jacket. It was to showcase Henry Winklers real life waterskiing skills.

  12. Technically "S.O.S." doesn't stand for anything. It was just the emergency distress code in the form of an easily recognizable Morse code pattern. The previous emergency code would often get lost in the rest of the message, but dotdotdot dashdashdash dotdotdot can be picked out immediately. The code came first. The phrase Save Our Souls was added to it after enough people asked "but what does it mean though?"

  13. I play cod but I LOVE battlefield 4

  14. COD is way more awesome than battlefield

  15. Psudopod says:

    SOS stands for save our ship not save our souls

  16. You don't know fun till you play COD WaW

  17. levi griggs says:

    Battlefield! Not into the fast paste run and shoot. Battlefield has more rolls you can do of sorts

  18. ItsAlexierBH says:

    SOS doesn’t actually stand for anything. Look it up

  19. now it just has sweaty try hard nerds that spawn camp like their lives depended on it. makes the game no fun at all for newcomers

  20. Bo3 made me sick to play not even weed helped me

  21. M4son 2286 says:

    I’m 13 and I like battlefield way more than COD

  22. after Black ops 2 cod went to hell, it was saved by WW2

  23. Caleb Andrew says:

    i like both games equally they have resemblences link the an94 the ak12 equipment and others encluding they are both fps multiplayer shooters

  24. Demon_kid says:

    Plus in hardline you get to custom your weapons even your sight it's cool but people barely play it so I came back to 4

  25. Demon_kid says:

    I remember a cod players joined my server and he like fuck you all I'm going to quick scope you then I kicked him 😀

  26. "You can run on the walls and jump high", yes Anthony, didn't you forget that this is titanfall black ops 3?

  27. Or you can do titanfall 2which does everything just better

  28. Samuel Foote says:

    Save our ship, good god simon lol

  29. If u play the campaign of battlefield after like 5 battles u will find out how the multi player sinking aircraft carrier came to be

  30. Thor117 says:

    Blacks ops 3 was essentially a more close quarters focused version of titanfall and doing away with the titans. If someone wants to play it and have fun off you go and have your fun, thats just my opinion of this game

  31. Nathan Smith says:

    Titan fall is better!

  32. Proves Simon wrong by being 1% of 12 year olds that play bf4

  33. I’m 13 and got cod ww2 and that’s all I ever bought for cod games i like custom matches with friends but I still play bf4 because I love it and all my friends play it (mostly)

  34. Battlefield is still better

  35. The_Superhoo says:

    Titanfall >>>>>>> COD: Ripoff

  36. Mr Bungle says:

    Jet packs and wallrunning killed cod for me. 🙁

  37. Toasty says:

    I like cod and bf as well.
    But I like bf more.

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