Jesper Kyd at E3



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IGN talks to Jesper Kyd at the E3 Show 2006 about Hitman Blood Money.

17 Replies to “Jesper Kyd at E3”

  1. Marian M says:

    His Hitman Blood Money and Borderlands 2 OST's are masterpieces!

  2. Phloks17 says:

    Calamari? Is that the game he referring to?

  3. NOLZA TV says:

    Автор, скинь текст речи Jesper Kyd. Я хочу сделать субтитры для фанатов из России. За ранее тебе спасибо.

  4. I'd love to hear his opinion now with 2-3 COD and AC games coming out every year

  5. Assassins creed 2 soundtrack – Ezios Family SNM this man is a legend!

  6. AzmzA says:

    Amazing!, i like Darksiders2 music really unique.

  7. aerolift says:

    my favorite composer, I quit listening to mtv/radio music, I created a pandora station under Jesper Kyd, video game composers are very creative!

  8. Brodiger says:

    dude this is awesome rock on Jesper

  9. cepomwa says:

    it's like hitman contracts soundtrack never existed, we never knew anything about this work.
    Maybe he forgoted himself that he made it.

  10. Bryan Bahle says:

    This guy is a legend! Huge fan of yours Mr. Kyd!

  11. I am your dobbeltganger!

  12. Your work on Sub Terrania is very unique and good!

  13. KyokoFujita says:

    I agree! I love, love, love, LO~VE his music! Especially with the AC series! Thumbs up, hands down!! xD

  14. John Cusick says:

    so talented! his music scores for Assassins Creed series is powerful, emotional and exotic

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